Sunday, July 2, 2017

The East/West Divide In Europe And What It Teaches Us About The Future Of European Civilization

When you are my age, you remember well life as a young child under the seemingly imminent threat of the Commies. I went to an elementary school that was a fortress with the ominous sign that we all knew well:

In the event of a Soviet nuclear bombardment you could hide out at my elementary school, even though it wasn't in a town that was on many Soviet strategic plans. We knew who the good guys were (America of course, NATO, Canada I guess) and we knew who the bad guys were (The Soviets and the rest of the Warsaw Pact and the Chi-Coms). Pretty much if you were a country represented by a villain in a Rambo movie, you were bad.

So I find no small amount of irony when looking at the situation in Europe today. While Germany, the U.K. and France, along with smaller countries most notably in Scandinavia, are in some sort of contest with each other to see who can exterminate their White population and any trace of their heritage the quickest, the former Warsaw Pact is doing their level best to keep the hordes of refugees economic migrants out of their countries and, no surprise, don't have the weekly terror attacks that the enlightened Western European countries enjoy. Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, all are trying to keep some semblance of order. Even Mother Russia, when they are not "hacking our elections", seem to have a real resurgence of the Christian heritage while in Western Europe churches and cathedrals are being converted into mosques. Black Pigeon Speaks has started a series on this topic, here is the first video:

I like BPS most of the time in spite of his weird views on religion.

Here is my take on why the East seems so much more realistic, and therefore more likely to survive, than the West.

The people of Western Europe lived in freedom since the end of World War II, a freedom overwhelmingly provided by the deterrent provided via the taxes of U.S. citizens in the form of our military. This freedom quickly became decadence and the memories of what it was like to live under the threat of totalitarianism quickly faded. It has been so long that now it seems far more important to virtue signal on a national scale how enlightened and liberal you are than it is to protect and preserve your nation.

In the East the memories are far more fresh. While the end of World War II was more than 70 years ago, the fall of the Berlin Wall was less than 30 years ago. Adults my age grew up as kids behind the barbed wire. We worried about getting nuked, they worried about being informed upon and getting an all expenses paid trip to a glorious re-education camp. They lived for more than half a century without a national identity, not being a people but just a satellite of the Soviet empire. Having regained their identity and their right to self-determination, they are not going to give it up now and replace a brutal communist dictatorship with an even more brutal caliphate.

The hard truth is that in winning World War II and then winning the Cold War left the West and especially America soft and bored. Life was easy. We paid our workers more and more and gave them ridiculous pensions and benefits for life because no one else could compete. We got softer and lazier by the year until 9/11 and even with that wake-up call we slipped back into complacency pretty quickly, in large part because during the soft years of the 50s, 60s and 70s our entertainment, education, media and government filled up with people who not only don't want to preserve our way of life, they hate everything about it (except for how it has enriched them of course) and would love nothing better than to see America collapse. The same thing is happening in Western Europe and while it might be possible to save the U.S., nothing short of catastrophic bloodshed will save Western Europe.

We are victims of our own success. The very culture that created Western civilization and America, the civilization that the rest of the world is trying to invade and steal, now seems hellbent on inviting in people incapable of maintaining that civilization. Somehow we have elevated cultural suicide to a mark of pride. This picture was making the rounds on social media a few months back and I think it is appropriate. We are definitely in the weak men phase. I just hope we still have enough men with the potential to be strong to carry us through the hard times to come.

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