Monday, July 31, 2017

Divided In Order To Stand

Check out this video from The Alternative Hypothesis, he has given some serious thought to something that I have been pondering for some time and that I think is inevitable if we are to survive, specifically the dissolution of the Union into multiple smaller, more manageable states.

One specific problem I came away from the video with is the impact of the rural-urban divide. Their map would give a lot of rural lands to progressive areas to connect Chicago and the West Coast cities but there are only so many organic pot growing progressives to work the land. They wouldn't want or know what to do with hundreds of thousands of acres of farm land. This was my comment on the video:
Very interesting work, I have been thinking this is the only way forward for a while and especially since the 2016 election and I like your thought process as to how it would play out. I do wonder about something, with free trade between the former United States and the rural/urban divide, why do leftists need or want huge swaths of largely uninhabited land that they are not inclined to live in or produce from? Wouldn't semi-independent city-states along the East Coast and the interior make more sense? I also don't care for the idea of creating continuity corridors that largely cut off access for the rest of us to the fresh water treasure of the Great Lakes.
All in all though, it is a good thought process and one we need to have. I especially like the comparison to the break-up of the Soviet Union, which while it was far from smooth and perfect was still preferable to the War between the States, even if a new version would be lopsided since the Left has disarmed themselves.

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