Saturday, July 29, 2017

Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. Now More Than Ever.

Anyone who runs in any circles online where the discourse crosses the boundaries of what is "acceptable", particularly on matters of human sexuality, religion and of course race, is all too familiar with the omnipresent and often trolled tendency of the traditional controllers of social media that are almost entirely a homogeneous pile of leftists to suppress, manipulate and outright shut down politically incorrect speech and expression. It is just a reality of social media. Facebook jail is often the sentence for "hate speech" while Black Lives Matter thugs and agitators can say anything they want. Imams can preach *actual* hate for anyone but other Muslims of the correct flavor but a mommy-blogger who doesn't hate her own race sufficiently gets banned. We see it everywhere. One of my favorite Youtube content creators, VertigoPolitix, was hit with a suspension that as sure as a John McCain political betrayal is simply a prelude to a sudden and without warning complete deletion:

VP's main crime, I suspect, is that not that their material is un-PC or offensive, it is that they present counter-narrative dialogue in a way that is reasoned, sober, intelligent and well-researched. Some porky Mountain Dew swilling redneck angrily ranting about Jews and niggers, especially if he spits on the camera a time or two, is fine because it reinforces the race realism = hatred and ignorance narrative. In fact I suspect that more than a few of the most vocal and least intelligent voices on social media are likely plants to undermine the movements. An intelligent voice using facts and reason? Now that is dangerous. From what I have heard it sounds like VP was caught up in a massive attack by a small group of leftists that spam report posts, giving Youtube and other outlets the cover they need to suddenly ban and delete certain types of speech.

Of course everyone knows about Lauren Southern having her Patreon account deleted. Not suspended, just arbitrarily deleted. As she relied on Patreon for a lot of her income, this means she sort of got fired from her job.

Lauren Southern is not a dyed blonde version of Richard Spencer, not by a long shot. But she is not sold on mass importation of young, often violent and even more often perpetually unemployed men from third world cultures, to replace the population of Europe. So the Patreon Nazis say "No soup financial support for you!"

Why do they do this? The answer is both complex and simple. I will just give you the simple version.

They do it because they can.

I am sure it is partly ideology but also largely because they just can. Not to be graphic but they sort of seem to get off on it. Like the over the top, heavily fictionalized Nazi camp commander Amon Goeth in Schindler's List, social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter can sit on high in Silicon Valley, pointing to one ideology and declaring it gets to live and pointing an another and declaring it shall die.

I am completely serious.

We are living in a massive and bizarre cultural dichotomy. We are in a season where anyone who wants to can say whatever they want online. We also are in a season where a small number of uniformly leftist beta males can arbitrarily shut anyone down if they are so inclined. I can publish whatever comes into my head about what I had for breakfast or the latest sports squabble or politics or pictures of cats. I can also write about racial replacement and White genocide or Islamic extremism or the danger of normalizing sexual deviancy. On the other hand, the people who run places like Blogger (i.e. Google), Youtube, Twitter and Facebook can toss me in social media gulag for two weeks, delete my posts without warning or provocation or just ban me outright. They made the platform so they make the rules.

That brings me in a rather roundabout way to my point. Most of us have a limited pool of resources to draw from. If we spend money on X, we don't have it to spend on Y. We aren't the government so we can't just print money or steal it from tax cattle when we need more. It is not a stretch to say that we are far more politically engaged in how we spend our money day to day than we are when we go through the farcical cultural charade of voting. As an example, my family doesn't have cable or satellite TV and we haven't for a  very long time. I honestly can't remember the last time I sat on a couch and watched anything at all on a TV screen. Most of what comes over the TV is garbage and almost all of it is politically subversive in a way that directly opposes everything I believe in. Why would I pay someone to pipe into my home stuff that is harmful and undermines what I believe? I might as well pay a neighbor to pipe his car exhaust into the ducts in my home.

On the other hand I have no issue with paying for internet because I can pick and choose what content I consume. Granted we watch a lot of silly junk on YouTube like PewDiePie (I never watched him until the Wall Street Journal went after him but now I watch every video for a couple of seconds as an act of defiance) but we choose what to watch or not. We also don't go to the movie theater or rent movies from RedBox or pay for Netflix because again those outlets are creating mostly garbage that undermines and opposes what I believe. Why would I pay to see that and directly put money into the pockets of moronic actors who lecture me about global warming, gun control and racism while living in an electricity guzzling mansion behind walls, gates and armed guards to keep unsavory people, that coincidentally are often minorities, away from them?

For example, I priced DirectTV for my area since we don't even have the option of cable. I can get 150 channels of crap being broadcast to a little dish on my house 24-7-365 for only $50 per month, provided I agree to sign up for two years and lo and behold after 12 months my rate goes back up to $90 per month (subject to change and I assume the "change" would be higher, not lower). So over the course of two years that comes to a grand total for the most basic package of $1,680 or $70 per month. I am not paying that. In fact I am not paying $5 to get propaganda streamed to my house. So what can I do with that money instead?

For starters I just began supporting Gab financially on a monthly basis. It isn't a lot of money but it gets me the cool Gab pro logo.

I still tend to visit Twitter more than Gab but I give my money to Gab because I think it is important to have a platform that is not censoring thoughts that I support and not promoting nonsense that I do not support. More broadly, they don't censor anything so there is a lot of stuff I don't like but that is OK because I am sure plenty of people don't like what I say either. Gab is pretty exciting and I think it has the potential to become an alternate platform for thought and speech banned elsewhere, not just in character limited posts like Twitter but in video hosting, live chats and maybe an alternative to Patreon/PayPal. I believe that Andrew Torba, the founder of Gab, probably doesn't agree with all or much of what I think and say but I do believe that he is committed to providing a platform where I can say what I want. That is something worthwhile for me to support.

I also support, for now, via Patreon a few other voices like RAMZPAUL. I am guessing he will follow Lauren soon enough into the Patreon abyss but he amuses me and says stuff that needs to be said even if he isn't 100% on the right path on 100% of the issues. In this world we live in, someone who is more right than wrong is precious and someone who is mostly right is doubly so.

It doesn't matter to me specifically who or what you support with your time and money. I don't ask for permission from anyone else and no one asks me. Just be aware that how you spend your money matters. If you direct your money to garbage, mindless entertainment and "news" from people who probably hate you and would like to see you dead, your children enslaved and your race annihilated, then you kind of get what you have coming to you. You might still get that even if you don't subsidize them but at least you can go down swinging.

How you spend your shrinking discretionary income is one of the few remaining channels for you to make a difference. Don't waste it on nonsense that subsidizes people that hate you.

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