Sunday, September 24, 2017

Racists Give Ethnonationalist Salutes During NFL Games

Look at this disgusting neo-Nazi giving an race-based salute after singing the national anthem at the beginning of the Atlanta Falcons - Detroit Lions game. And in front of kids no less!

Oh wait, that wasn't a neo-Nazi, it was just some singer named Rico Lavelle but what he was doing was basically the same as White nationalists tossing up the Nazi salute: he was making a gesture of racial solidarity associated with an often violent historical movement.

Look at the picture. You have some guy chosen by the Detroit Lions to sing the national anthem before the start of a football game where two teams that are probably made up overwhelmingly of a  majority of black men making millions of dollars a year and he decides to seize the opportunity to make a name for himself by kneeling and throwing up a black power salute. I am sure that meaningless gesture just made Rico a rich man, although he will likely blow through all of the money in no time. You can bet his agent is fielding a flood of calls, texts and emails to get him on the air to yammer about his grievances.

You have scantily clad White women flaunting around for the ogling pleasure of fans and players alike.

Worst of all you have a four young black boys looking at this man, probably too young to know what is going on but you can be sure they will be told how powerful that salute is supposed to be. These young boys will probably grow up in neighborhoods where each boy is in far more danger from the other three boys in the photo than he ever will be from cops but what they will take away from this is that the cops are out to get them and the President of the United States is to blame.

I actually agree with the premise behind the salute. Let the blacks have their own ethnostate, let them run their own lives free of the pernicious influence of White people and see how that works out for them. I just ask the same for Whites. I am confident that a White ethnostate would be a far more prosperous and peaceful nation than contemporary America. What about a black ethnostate? Well let's just say that history doesn't favor that model.

Like the entertainment world, the professional sports cabal has become a mainly anti-American, anti-Christian and anti-White institution. It is past time for White people to express our disapproval by withdrawing our attendance, our support and most of all our money from these leagues. If you want to watch sports, watch hockey or better yet find something more useful to do with your lives.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A Powerful Video: Bread And Circuses

I don't go for click-bait statements like "this is a MUST WATCH video" but this is pretty much a must watch video from Way of the World.

White men are endlessly amusing themselves while their race is destroyed right under our collective noses and sports is one of the most effective ways this is done. Watch men play a kids game for millions of dollars and pay no attention to the real world. Find your most powerful identity in a sports team full of prima donnas who you will never know instead of finding your identity in your faith, your race and your nation.

Here is a thought. Quit playing games and watching other men playing games, get a wife, raise a family, be fruitful and multiply and perpetuate our people and teach your kids to never let anyone denigrate who they are.

Watch this video. Then watch it again. Then share it.

Lynching, Black On Black Crime And The Hysteria Over Nooses

The specter of black men being lynched by mobs of Whites is one of the most powerful in America folklore. The sight of a noose is enough to send many blacks into paroxysms of panic and finding a noose or noose-like object is worthy of coverage by the major media outlets. I wrote back on my old blog, If The Noose Doesn't Fit You Must Acquit!, about the rather suspicious "discovery" of a noose at the National Museum of African American History and Culture (complete with collections of "culturally significant" items like stuff from noted oppressed Person of Color Colin Kaepernick! Your White Guilt tax dollars at work!) made headlines all over the place. Strangely no one ever seems to have been arrested for this dastardly deed. A search of the topic only shows stories from early June right after it allegedly was left...

Weird that a high profile case like this in a public place full of cameras never led to an arrest. It almost seems like....

Back to the real events like lynchings. I was curious: how many actual lynchings occurred in the United States so I Googled DuckDuckGo'd it. It was more than I expected to find.

In a story in the reliably far-Left Washington Post, Even more black people were lynched in the U.S. than previously thought, a study is cited regarding the total number of black lynchings in the South. The study comes from a group called "the Equal Justice Initiative" which seems to be a pretty boilerplate left-wing racial agitation cash cow. According to their webpage they think we don't talk about race enough: "The United States has done very little to acknowledge the legacy of genocide, slavery, lynching, and racial segregation." Really? It sort of seems to most rational people that all we do is acknowledge past racial issues, both real and imagined. Their report can be safely assumed to be reasonably accurate and if anything err on the side of over-reporting lynchings. Here is the key paragraph I want to look at.
Researchers said they determined that 3,959 black people were killed in “racial terror lynchings” in a dozen Southern states between 1877 and 1950. The new number includes 700 people who were not named in previous works seeking to comprehensively document the toll, the authors wrote. Some of those previous studies were conducted at a time when lynching was still an ongoing phenomenon.
3,959 lynchings. That sounds like a huge number and it is, as I said much higher than I expected. While I am a White nationalist I have no interest in hurting blacks or seeing them lynched, just as I have no sympathy for people who troll about re-enacting the narrative of the Holocaust. One black lynched is too many but let's try to look at this number in perspective.

The time frame involved is 1877-1950, or right after the Civil War and right before the Civil Rights movement took off. That is a period of 73 years. Broken out as an average per year that comes to just over 54 per year. That is really a lot, more than one per week. I assumed these were somewhat uneven and I was right, according to this story the vast majority of lynchings, over 3200, took place in the period of 1889-1918, or 100 plus years ago.

Contrast that to my current favorite stat, a favorite because getting concrete data on race and crime like it is hard to do, and the latest riot hot-spot of St. Louis. STL has had 144 murders in the first 9 months of this year and of those 133 or 93.75% were blacks. Every single suspect known to police is black. So in perspective, one city that ranks 60th in terms of population in the U.S., in just part of a year has had more than double the average number of lynchings in the South during the heyday of lynching.

Another example. In Chicago alone, just one city, during the 8 year period from 2009-2016 there were 3,940 murders, most of them black men killed by other black men (that is an assumption as very little racial data has been made available recently). Just one city over a decade has seen basically as many blacks killed by other blacks as happened in the entire history of Southern lynching.

As a side note, it was interesting to read some numbers that indicates thousands of Whites were also lynched, especially before the Civil War.

My point is not to minimize or dismiss the reality of lynching, and I am speaking here of unjust hangings contrasted with hangings that were in response to actual crimes. Just as there are plenty of perfectly justifiable police shootings of "unarmed black men", there were no doubt many more or less justifiable lynchings of blacks and Whites alike. So again I am talking about lynching blacks for sport or out of pure hatred. It was horrible and inhumane and it is blasphemous that there were no doubt lots of men who lynched blacks on Saturday and sat in church on Sunday. The issue is that all too often modern "civil rights" groups endlessly look backwards at past wrongs and never, ever look at contemporary problems. To the professional race agitator a lynching 100 years ago is more pertinent than major cities turning into shooting galleries of blacks murdering other blacks, just as one cop shooting a suspected drug dealer after a high speed chase when the "victim" was carrying a gun in 2011 is far more indicative of the real problems facing the colored community than 135 murders of blacks by other blacks this year in the same city.

We need facts and data and to be serious about these conversations. Other normie Whites are more likely to be persuaded by reason and facts than they are by the spectacle of a couple of alt-right types screeching and throwing feces at each other. This is a war of ideas versus emotions, my data versus muh feels. Make sure you are informed so you can have a rational response when you get questions about people finding a noose or a cop shooting a black or Charlottesville or any number of issues. Being outraged is a good start but it isn't enough to be angry.

Lynchings happened but they happened a long time ago. A rope tied in a particular fashion should not be a source of terror to a grown black man when that black man is under essentially no threat of being lynched by Whites or being killed by a cop if he isn't committing a crime for that matter but he is under serious threat from other black men. That is the simple reality. White identitarians must be relentless in gathering these facts and ruthless in presenting them in response to the nonsense and lies.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Stop Manufacturing Guns And Making Us Kill Each Other!

I guess I should know better but I somehow managed to get into a Twitter argument with someone that puts the "twit" in Twitter. Shocking that someone on Twitter would be so argumentative with zero facts. Here is the conversation so far....

So to summarize, it makes sense for people in St. Louis to be chanting "stop killing us" directed at cops because of a cop killing a suspected heroin dealer in 2011 after a high speed chase kicked off with the now deceased Anthony Lamar Smith ramming his car into a cop car and then taking off with speeds reaching almost 90 mph. However it doesn't make sense for blacks to say "stop killing us" to each other even though coloreds are statistically overwhelmingly more likely to be killed by another black in America than by a cop. Why not? Well because guns are manufactured by whites.

Let that settle in for a moment.

That is sort of like saying that Whites are to blame if a black man kills someone in a car accident while drunk and driving recklessly because Whites manufacture cars.

As I pointed out, White people own lots of guns also made by Whites. We just generally don't shoot each other with them. I own a bunch of guns. Almost everyone I know and have ever known since I was a child owned lots of guns. None of us have shot anyone and none of us are much of a threat to do so unless we are first threatened with imminent harm to ourselves or our family.

Doesn't it seem to infantalize black men to suggest that they are so incapable of self-control that the mere presence of guns makes them shoot one another? We don't let children drive cars or buy guns or run around with sharp objects because they are too immature to be trusted with potentially dangerous objects. Are black men no better than toddlers or pre-schoolers such that having a gun available makes them inexorably need to shoot other blacks? That certainly seems to be the message here, blacks are just helpless victims of life with no self-control and no personal volition. Life just happens to them, utterly controlled by external forces.

A lot of people mock those who claim to varying degrees that globalists or Jews or communists are manipulating the world, sneeringly telling them to take off their tinfoil hats and utterly ignoring substantial evidence supporting many of those claims but those same people buy into a fact-devoid argument that black men shoot each other for a lot of reasons and none of them have to do with a willful choice on their parts to do so.

Instead of chanting "stop killing us" at cops, blacks should be chanting "start arresting us" because when it is 2 AM the only thing standing between blacks and murder at the hand of another black are the cops.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

(Politically Useful) Black Lives Matter

Narrative Collapse published a pretty shocking statistic. In 2017 in the city of St. Louis where riots have occurred over the acquittal by a jury of his peers of a White cop that killed a black man, every single murder suspect has one thing in common: 100% of all St. Louis murder suspects for 2017 are black.

Yep, and this is not some "fake news" narrative, this is verifiable from the website of the city of St. Louis police department via a crime statistics fact sheet. According to the stats in 2017 there have been 144 murders in St. Louis. Of those murders, 135 of the victims were identified as black, mostly men (117). That means that over 93% of all murder victims are black and over 80% of all murder victims are black men. Contrast that with one questionable shooting of a black man by a White cop, a likely justifiable killing: Hero Cop Jason Stockley Exonerated Like George Zimmerman.

So St. Louis is a cruddy town from what I have heard as I haven't been there in a very long time and it is about evenly divided black (47.5%) and White (43.6%) but that demographic doesn't match the murder rate. Given the racial breakdown of the city, one would expect that around 41 of the 96 murder suspects identified would be White. You would be wrong. Of the 96 suspects identified, 96 of them are black. It is pretty shocking that this fact is permitted to be publicly published because properly understood it completely undermines and shows to be a farce the entire Black Lives Matter movement, a neo-Marxist group that cares about black lives about as much as I care about the WNBA. As stated in the title of the report from Narrative Collapse, every single murder suspect in St. Louis is black.

The story in St. Louis is the same that we see in virtually every large America city. Regardless of the racial breakdown of the city, the murder problem is almost exclusively black men killing other black men. White men don't really kill black men or even other Whites for that matter because they just generally don't kill anyone. The only way to even make it look like they do is to lump mestizos in with actual Whites, giving rise to the ridiculous "White non-Hispanic" category that serves only to diminish minority crime rates a tiny fraction and to impugn Whites with crimes they don't commit. St. Louis at least lists Whites and Hispanics separately on their crime report.

Blacks in St. Louis will riot over a justified killing of a single black man by a White cop. No one cares that so far this year in the same city over 130 blacks have been murdered, apparently exclusively by other blacks. Meanwhile blacks are rioting in the city, damaging a local library and attacking the cops that they desperately need to protect them from their fellow blacks, egged on by professional race hustlers and the media.

The sad reality is that they only people in general pointing out the hypocrisy of Black Lives Matter are White people. Dead blacks are only worth being concerned about when they can be used for political purposes and financial gain.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Poland Must Choose

The other day in my Facebook feed I saw back to back stories out of Poland and the contrast was stark and kind of amusing....

One of these news stories is a lie.

This has been the plan all along for the larger E.U. Western states: get the poorer former Warsaw Pact European states hooked on the gibs from the West that is wealthier thanks to the umbrella of protection provided by the U.S. and then use that "free" money as a club to make them do whatever you want. Specifically in this case to make them take in nation-destroying "refugees". It is the same basic tactic as we see in the U.S. of bribing people with other people's money to get them to do what you want. You can have my freedom as long as the checks keep coming in and/or you keep me "safe".

There isn't a way for the Eastern European nations that rightly have no interest in absorbing tens or hundreds of thousands of un-assimilatable and often violent migrants to co-exist with the suicidal Western European nations that think being on the vanguard of White genocide and European suicide makes them compassionate and wise. My personal opinion is that the Eastern states need to divorce themselves from the EU, all of them (Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, etc. and perhaps even states like Austria), and sooner rather than later. It is like the old wisdom of pulling the band-aid off all at once and quickly rather than peel it off slowly. It still hurts but it is over with quickly. Western Europe will never be satisfied until they can say jump and have the East ask how high. Poland and the others must make a choice, will they choose the path of making their own future or will they sell their heritage in return for some sweet, sweet EU subsidy money? I am hopeful that in the East it will be the former because I think the West is already lost.

The East has a lot going for it, not least of all a lot of open space. Poland for example has around 38 million people spread over 120,696 square miles, or around 319 people per square mile. Germany on the other hand has over 82 million people in a slightly larger space, 137,847 square miles. That is about double the density, 583/square mile. Of course Poland is also essentially all Polish, i.e. White, and very religious compared to Germany....

Hungary and Slovakia have even lower population density. Little wonder the crowded Western states look so greedily at the less densely populated East as a place to dump the "refugees" they have welcomed.

It seems odd as a child of the 80's but the future of freedom in Europe will be in the hands of the former Soviet puppet states and I think that they will soon find themselves seeking common ground with the Russians and leaving the West to her fate. That look into my crystal ball is the topic of my next post...

Friday, September 1, 2017

White Masculinity

Check out this video from VertigoPolitix

It is without much question that just as White femininity is without compare anywhere in the world, White masculinity is the bedrock of creativity and culture as well as creation. The great cities of Europe wouldn't exist if Whites had no built them. I am not an architect but I appreciate the majesty of Western architecture, especially in Europe where it survived two World Wars. Just look at these photos from a couple of European archictecture twitter accounts and ask yourself where you can find anything else like this in the world? Asia has some cool stuff but not like this.


When we lose White masculinity, we lose this sort of majesty and beauty forever. What would make one think that importing people from a culture that can't seem to claw their way out of the stone age will suddenly or even gradually turn them into a race of builders, thinkers, inventors and explorers?

Preserving and protecting our families, and by extension of race, is a perfectly natural behavior and attitude. There is nothing noble or heroic or enlightened about participation in the mass extermination of the one people that have brought more scientific advances, culture and beauty to the world.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Caring For Kin Makes Sense

In the United States, all eyes have been on Houston and the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey, at least when the media is not having a cow about Melania Trump's footwear or Trump pardoning an elderly former sheriff. Natural disasters like this don't come around very often, it has been a dozen years since Hurricane Katrina and I am starting to think this is going to end up a lot worse than Katrina from an economic standpoint. As of right I think there are 21 confirmed deaths in Houston and the economic cost is going to astronomical. I am glad I don't own stock in property insurance companies.

The outpouring of aid from Americans is incredible. So many people, including me, have donated financially to help (did you see my virtue? I was signaling for ya!). Many others are on location helping out in any way they can. Even evil corporations like Wal-Mart are donating tens of millions in cash and I heard this morning that Wal-Mart has donated 1000 truckloads of stuff to help people out. In other words, we are answering the call of our fellow citizens in their time of need.

But there are floods in Asia even as we speak and from a death toll standpoint they are far, far worse. This is the headline from yesterday from the Independent

If they can confirm 1,200 dead in those three countries, you can bet the real death toll is a lot higher.

But we don't really hear much about that while the news coverage of Houston is wall to wall.

If you buy into the progressive narrative, people in the U.S. caring more about 21 deaths in Texas than we do about 1,200 deaths in South Asia is proof of our White supremacist, racist disregard for brown people. But is that the case?

I don't think so. In Hurricanes Katrina and Harvey alike the people impacted were White and black and mestizo. In 2010 only about a quarter of people in Houston were "non-Hispanic Whites" or as I like to call them "Whites". When Katrina hit New Orleans the White population was only a little higher, around 31-32%. We didn't care, as a people we still poured out the aid in the form of money and volunteering. So why the difference in attention from Houston to South Asia?

The simple answer is kinism. People have a natural and understandable affinity for people that are more like them than for people that are not. If a person is killed in a car accident in Germany, it doesn't really impact me and I probably don't really care about it. If someone dies in an accident in Iowa, that still doesn't impact me but it is much closer to home. If someone I know in my town dies in an accident, it probably impacts me. If it was a cousin? Then obviously that is going to cause a great deal of sadness and warrant a lot of attention from me. That is not racism or xenophobia, it is just simple human nature.

Man has always formed tribes, and family for most humans, especially people in Western civilizations, has always been supremely important. The draw of family is so powerful that even Christ warned that we had to love Him before our own family:
Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a man's foes shall be they of his own household. He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. (Matthew 10:34-37, KJV)
That would have been extraordinary for his audience to hear. We care most for those most like us and that translates to caring for family more than non-family and for neighbors more than strangers.

Do you suppose that when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, and a similar 1,200 Americans died, that people in India, Nepal and Bangladesh cared about it at all or even knew about it? I very much doubt it and I would not expect them to. Why would they care about Americans dying thousands of miles away? On the other hand, when something terrible happens in places like Haiti or Africa who is the first to show up and help? Those awful racist and xenophobic Americans and especially American Christians. Like Rodney Dangerfield we just don't get no respect.

Ethno-nationalism and kinism are not exactly synonymous but they both work on a similar principle. People are drawn to and care most about other people like them. Even fellow believers of different races prefer to worship with people like themselves. I would not be comfortable worshiping in an exuberant black church service just as they for the most part would not be interested in a quiet, contemplative service of the kind that I like that is deeply theological with minimal or no musical instruments. Many Jews want to live in their own homeland governed by fellow Jews and surrounded by other Jews. Immigrants to a new country typically live in the same areas in that country together because we prefer what is familiar. My hope is to someday have the opportunity to live among fellow American Whites in an ethnostate specifically for Whites, as I would argue this country was intended to be. I would wish the same opportunities for other groups, a Jewish homeland for the Jews, a black homeland for the blacks. I like the part of the country I live in now but I would move in a heartbeat to be in a new nation made up of people that share my race, my faith and my beliefs.

Caring more for our kin is one of the most natural responses to the fallen world. We rely on our own blood to care for us and we in turn care for them. It makes no sense to try to create a nation where people with essentially no ties are expected to nevertheless live harmoniously as opposed to competing against and seeking advantage over one another. I want nothing more than to freely live and associate with those I choose to and I want the same thing for all people and wish them the best. In order for that to happen we are going to have to let go of some inaccurate and misguided notions. This country is not going to survive intact over the next 25 years or probably even less. Better to let the people divide ourselves up as we see fit than to devolve into chaos and bloodshed.