Saturday, November 11, 2017

The People In Poland Get It

In celebration of the anniversary of Polish independence in 1918, some 60,000 Poles took to the streets to celebrate their national pride. They also seemed pretty Right wing, much to the horror of many self-loathing Whites in the West. 
The largely young crowd shot off roman candles and chanted “fatherland,” carrying banners that read “White Europe,” “Europe Will Be White,” and “Clean Blood.” Some of the marchers flew in from neighboring countries—Slovakia, Spain and Hungary—waving flags and symbols those countries used during their wartime collaboration with Nazi Germany.
“There are of course nationalists and fascists at this march,” said Mateusz, a 27-year-old wrapped in a Polish flag, “I’m fine with it. I’m just happy to be here.”
As I have said before, Poland largely seems to understand what the West does not, that Western culture is under assault and in danger of being eradicated. You cannot simply replace White European with blacks and browns from the Third World and still have Europe and losing Europe makes the entire world a worse place. This quote is gold:
The Radical Camp’s followers argue, on their social-media accounts and in their literature, that the influx of Syrian refugees into Europe is part of a conspiracy driven by Jewish financiers, who are working with Communists in the European Union to bring Muslims into Europe, and with them, Shariah law and homosexuality.
Well that pretty much sums it up. As this is from the globalist HQ of the Wall Street Journal that only sees people as interchangeable economic units and doesn't care who buys their stuff as long as someone is buying, the tone is of course borderline hysterical but other quotes make what should be common sense assertions:
“It’s like this inner need we have,” said Lukasz, a 24-year-old protester. “We want a Poland that will be for Polish people.”
Poland for Polish people is of course racist in a way that Israel for Jewish people or Kenya for Kenyans or India for Indians is not. 

Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and the other nations of the East give me hope for the White race and European culture. By rejecting mass immigration and by openly choosing their native faith of Catholicism over Islam, Poland is one of the leaders striking out a new path that rejects the multicultural future demanded by the E.U.. If they can just remember how to have babies again, Poland can become a powerhouse of Europe. A nation 25 years from now that replenished their population with White Poles is going to be in a much better place than a Germany or France that tries to replace White natives with sub-Saharan Africans and violent Muslims.

I hope it never comes but there may come a day when racially aware Whites in America, Canada and Western Europe will need to look to Eastern Europe and Russia for sanctuary.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

RAMZPAUL eviscerates PragerU

Someone on my normie Facebook page linked a video from PragerU that purported to "explain" the alt-right. I haven't watched it because I have little interest in Prager stuff, although they do some decent entry level videos on some topics, and since Dennis Prager is a Jew, also I am sure that a Jew doing a video about the alt-right is going to be dishonest at best. Sounds like I was right to skip it. Ramzpaul did an outstanding video, one of his best, on why the PragerU video was false and poorly researched.

I especially liked his comparison between the alt-right as an influential ideology versus a physical get-together and the Libertarian Party. I know lots of Libertarians and I used to consider myself one but I don't know anyone that has been to a formal Libertarian Party event. Add in the threats of violence and doxxing and you can understand why you only get 400-600 people at Charlottesville but websites like, Faith & Heritage and Stormfront gets tens of thousands of unique visitors. Even this video from ramzpaul has almost 6,000 views right now and it was just published yesterday. Looking at the American Renaissance Youtube page, you find that their top ten most popular videos all have over 100,000 views each, a couple with more than 300,000. Black Pigeon Speaks, who is not alt-right but still engages in thoughtcrimes has a video with over 1.4 million views and regularly breaks 100,000 views. The amount of content out there and the reach it has is incredible. You know something is up when a Jewish content creater like Dennis Prager with over a million subscribers is taking the time to address the alt-right. If the reach of the alt-right was only a couple hundred people at a rally, no one would care. The reality is that the reach of the alt-right and other forms of dissident far-right sources is enormous and growing. The establishment, globalist "conservatives" know it and they rightly see it as a threat. People are sick to death of the globalist, neo-con, "Israel über alles", tax-cuts for the rich and "free trade" to enrich the wealthy model of "conservatism" and the alternate right is providing a real alternative. Trump, Roy Moore in Alabama, the dropping out of cuckservatives Jeff Flake in Arizona, the election results in Europe, all show that nationalism is rising and it is a short walk from nationalism to ethnonationalism. The terror of the alt-right as a serious threat to their "conservative" hegemony from Republicans in some ways dwarfs even that of the left.

Watch ramzpaul's video below and let me know what you think.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Spoiler Alert: It Isn't The Guns

Yesterday brought a fairly unremarkable news story. It involved a shooting on a college campus where two young men, one a student, were killed. Why didn't it get much attention when campus shootings or even the hint of a gun normally cause panic and news coverage? To be completely honest, it didn't get the normal over the top attention for two reasons.

First the police apparently knew right away that this was not terrorism or some mass shooting. Immediately we were told that the shooter knew the two men that were shot, Earl Andrews and Monquiarious Caldwell.

Second the shooting happened at Grambling State, one of the "historically black colleges and univerisities" (HBCUs). With a student body that is over 90% black, it was pretty certain that Earl Andrews, the Grambling junior that was murdered, was a black man (since confirmed by a photo of Earl). It is a fair guess that the second man shot, not a Grambling student, is also black based on his name (how many White or Asian people named Monquiarious Caldwell do you know?).

Of course immediately people cried foul that there was not enough attention being paid because they were black. This seemed odd since it was all over the news and in the trending column of my Facebook news feed. Then there were the obvious cries about racism. I pulled this screenshot from the public posts on the trending news....

"GeColby" seems to think that changing gun policies is the answer. Ironically it appears he had been deleting comments, his post showed up in the top of the public feeds on the news story and that means anyone can comment on them. Notice his angry statement at the bottom of the picture. So we need to change our gun policies he cries but then says he won't allow any debate on the issue. How then do we change our policies? Perhaps let GeColby Youngblood decide them on behalf of everyone else since he seems to think that two men are dead "for no reason", as if the gun just knocked on the dorm room door and started blazing away on it's own when the door opened.

At the time I took the screenshot there hadn't been a suspect named or a description, and if you follow the news at all you know that if blacks are shot and the suspect isn't White, or really any time the suspect is black, you can be sure that no description of the suspect is given. In other words, no description of a suspect equals "young black male" 95% of the time. Sure enough, the suspect is now in custody and named (Jaylin Wayne) and you will be as stunned as I am by the photo.

Shocking I know. Totally destroys the narrative.

What GeColby and others don't want to admit is that as soon as we heard it was a shooting on an HBCU campus and one of the dead was named Monquiarious, we knew it was an argument between a couple of black guys that ended up in gunfire. It is common knowledge that black men, around 7% of the population, commit around half of all murders and the murder rate per capita among blacks dwarfs that of White and Latinos.

America doesn't have a gun culture problem or a gun ownership problem. The problem is not our "gun policies". The problem America has is a relatively small percentage of the population committing half of  the murders in this country and another minority, Hispanics, committing murder at almost twice the rate of Whites. If we didn't have blacks and Hispanics in this country, we wouldn't really have much to talk about when it comes to gun violence except the seemingly random events like Las Vegas, and that event stinks of a cover-up more than any other mass casualty event since 9/11.

If the black community wants to stop waking up to news stories of guys named Jaylin murdering guys named Monquiarious, they need to stop worrying about gun control and start worrying about minority control. Until blacks and Hispanics get themselves under control, the murder problem will continue unabated no matter how many angry tweets go out or new laws get passed. The blame for the deaths of Monquiarious and Earl fall squarely on their own community that seems incapable of reacting to any altercation with anything other than lethal violence. Whites get into disputes and even violent disputes but unlike blacks we don't immediately turn to guns to "solve" the problem.

Black lives matter? No, first let's establish that black crimes matter.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

On The Reformation from Faith and Heritage

Ehud Would, a writer at one of my very favorite sites, Faith and Heritage, has posted an outstanding overview of the Reformation, the issues that led up to it and the way the Reformation impacts our struggle now for self-determination. The post, Post Tenebras Lux: The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, brings a ton of information to the table, much I am already familiar with but a lot that was new to me, especially on the Reformation in England. If you are a Christian interested in theology, history and the way they interact with contemporary issues from a kinist perspective, you owe it to yourself to read his post. It is lengthy and deep but well worth the time and effort.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Serious Question Fellow White People

How can any self-respecting White person want to live in a country where an absolute buffoon like this is elected by a district full of other buffoons to make decisions about your life on your behalf?

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Hans-Hermann Hoppe Talks The Alt-Right And Libertarianism

Check out this hour long video from Hans-Hermann Hoppe. It is a bit difficult to understand him but the entire hour is dynamite.

Hoppe represents the sort of libertarianism I can still get behind. I am not terribly interested in the "socialism for White people" school of some of the alt-right. We have already seen the result of a White socialism in a little experiment called the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact and I don't think any rational person is down with repeating that. This is the big failing of some segments of the alt-right, they seem to think that human nature changes when you get rid of minorities but it really doesn't. Watch the whole thing, it is pretty deep in places but it is good stuff.

If you prefer to read, the good people at VDare have a full transcript as well.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Golly, If I Throw A Brick At My Kid's Teacher What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

File this under the "Did you think even for a second about what might happen?" category.

In Pittsburgh, a lovely mom by the name of Dai’Shonta Williams got a little bit upset with her 4th grade child's teacher. So she did what any rational parent would do, she called the school and requested a meeting to discuss her concerns with the teacher, Janice Watkins.

Yeah, that is not what happened.

No, instead Dai’Shonta decided to ambush the teacher after school because the teacher had the audacity to confiscate the 4th grader's cell phone in a school with a no-cell policy. Of course she is a 4th grader so what she needs a cell phone for in the first place is beyond me. So here is the time-line from what I can gather.

- Darling and precocious 4th grader goes to school with her cell phone provided by her mom despite the prohibition on cell phones at this school.
- During class said precocious child starts using phone to take a video, thus violating school policy and disrupting the class.
- The teacher confiscates said phone. In the process a 4th grade child bites the teacher.
- The parents of sweet young lady come to school and threaten to "get even" with the teacher who had the audacity to get bit by their innocent child.
- Teacher leaves school to get bite looked at, apparently it was a bad enough bite that she needed medical attention.
- Parents follow teacher and then attack her when she stops car. Teacher foolishly rolls down window thus inviting a perfectly justifiable brick being thrown at her.
- Teacher gets out of the car and realizes the the mother is not alone and gets attacked from behind: "'When I got out of that car,' she said, 'I didn't realize it was two other people,' she said, but she felt something hit her in the back, and it was two men."
- Mom and dad and apparently a third assailant jump into car, confident that justice has been served and that they are in no danger of repercussions.
- Momma gets arrested and employs a modified combination of the "Dindu nuffin" and "She had it coming" defenses.

A 29 year old woman decides to gather her forces and brings two men to assault a 46 year old teacher. That is smart.

Oh, and the school in question is called "Pittsburgh King PreK-8", thus proving that streets and schools named after the good "minister"/plagiarizer/serial adulterer MLK are usually dumps. It is a school clearly committed to learning and helping kids become moral, useful members of society. Actually no.
Pittsburgh King PreK-8 is a neighborhood school located in Pittsburgh's North Side community. We believe that at the heart of the transformation of Pittsburgh King is a shared commitment to and relentless pursuit of racial equity.
Well by all means focus on "racial equity" instead of focusing on 4th grade kids not biting their teachers or better yet maybe emphasize the parents of 4th grade students not dragging their kid's teacher from a car or hitting them with a brick.

I don't find the behavior itself that surprising but what is so odd is that this required a fair amount of preparation. The mom came to school, threatened the teacher apparently publicly, rounded up the alleged father and another guy, waited for the teacher to leave, followed her and then assaulted her. I am sure she was seen at school, everyone knows she is the mother of this kid and she openly threatened to "get even".

At any point did she stop and think that perhaps this might not be a good idea? Did she ever contemplate what might happen a day later?

When someone does something to make me angry, two factors working together keep me from chasing that person down and throwing a brick at them. First, I was taught not to do stuff like that. It is so ingrained in me that I wouldn't even consider it because I had parents that instilled a sense of morality into me. Second, I am aware enough to realize that there would be consequences. A completely disproportionate response like this, especially after threatening the person you attacked, is going to get you arrested. This isn't like two dudes getting into a tussle and throwing some punches, this is a woman and two men stalking and attacking another woman, including throwing a brick at her which could have easily maimed or even killed her.

Clearly Dai’Shonta Williams didn't think even for a moment about what would happen next. If she had, would she have made the connection that a serious assault on a teacher by someone known to the teacher, a teacher she had threatened that same day, would lead to her arrest and almost certain conviction followed by a lengthy jail term. Did she think what would happen to her 4th grader, already an out of control and dare I say borderline feral child, if she goes to prison for 3-4 years? If her kid, probably around 9 or 10 now, is biting teachers for having her cell phone confiscated, what will she be like when she is a teen after her mom has been in prison for the prior 3-4 or more years? Assuming her dad was one of the two men that assaulted the teacher, they will also get arrested so both parents in jail? They might as well book a cell next to the mom because the daughter will be joining her soon enough. Based on her Facebook page she has at least one other baby that would be not even two years old yet. Who will take care of that little girl? How is Dai'Shonta planning on getting a job when she is about to incur a felony conviction(s)? The repercussions for my actions are a major factor in helping me to decide what to do/not do and I have never even contemplated chasing someone down and hitting them with a brick.

According to some of the news stories, Ms. Williams was under the impression that the teacher had choked her daughter. I can understand being angry but it also wasn't as if she caught the teacher in the act of choking her daughter. She was apparently relayed this information after the fact by a 4th grader. So rather than finding out what really happened and waiting a bit to get "justice", she decided instead to immediately assault the teacher on the rather dubious claim of a 4th grader. Even if the teacher had choked her daughter, the clearly correct response would be to file a police report and complaint with the school and let it take it's course but instead her response was a brick through a window and a beat down with two men helping. This is a form of time preference. For an average White, we will put off the immediate gratification (that might be wrong and carry serious repercussions) in favor of letting the system work and getting justice after finding out the facts. For blacks, and this is amply proven in academic studies of Africa versus Europe, see here for example, the instinct is to get gratification now rather than delay gratification. Waiting for the wheels of justice to work rather than hitting someone with a brick is not really different from saving some of your food for the winter months rather than eating all of your food in the summer.

What happens next is pretty clear. The mom and probably dad will go to jail for a while, some relative will take over the "care" of their children and the social pathology exhibited by the brick throwing mom and teacher biting 4th grader will just get deeper and more expensive for society as a whole. I imagine at sentencing Dai'Shonta will tearfully appeal for leniency "cuz my babies need me", something she clearly didn't give much thought to when she was chasing down the teacher. From individual cases like Dai’Shonta Williams to cities like Detroit to entire nations and a continent like Haiti and Africa, the result is typically the same. An inability to think about consequences for the future leads to stupid immediate decisions and the process is repeated over and over again.

Hopefully the teacher, also a black woman, will suffer no permanent physical effects from the assault but I can't imagine her teaching in that school in the future. If she is smart she will move to a majority White suburban school district where she can teach without worrying about getting her face smashed by a brick. As for Dai’Shonta Williams, I wonder what she is thinking now and if she realizes that her daughter made up the story about being choked and that her girls are facing years with their mom behind bars. She probably has some remorse over her actions, at least because of the consequences, but the time to ponder the consequences is before you act, not afterward.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Man Speaks An Obvious Truth, World Explodes

Some guy named Marc Faber, who I have never heard of, went on what some described as a 'racist diatribe' and got himself fired from CNBC and Fox and removed from a board of directors. Apparently he is some sort of financial prognosticator known for gloomy predictions. What was the horrible 'racist diatribe' that caused this reaction? Here it is...
And thank God white people populated America, and not the blacks. Otherwise, the US would look like Zimbabwe, which it might look like one day anyway, but at least America enjoyed 200 years in the economic and political sun under a white majority. I am not a racist, but the reality — no matter how politically incorrect — needs to be spelled out.
That is a 'racist diatribe'? Some people need to get out more often.

Let's ask the more pertinent question. Regardless of the political correctness of what he said, is it factually correct?

The freest and most prosperous nations in the world are either White nations or are the former colonies of White nations (Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.). Europe and America are free, open, prosperous, liberal in the classical sense and desirable nations precisely because they are majority White. You can (falsely) claim that our prosperity is a result of exploiting blacks and browns but even if you are buying that horse manure it doesn't change the fact that White nations are far better places to live than black nations.

Look at a map of Europe and North America. Is there any place on that map where there is absolutely no way you would live there? I could stand to live in Canada or Scotland or Hungary or Spain or Estonia. I wouldn't necessarily choose to live there but I could make it work in any nation in Europe except for the small part of Turkey that technically is in Europe and probably not Bosnia or Albania because of the Muslims.

Now look at a map of Africa and ask the same question. Would you live in the Congo or Liberia or Libya or Somalia or even Zimbabwe? Zimbabwe ranks 154th on the Human Development Index and every country below it is either in Africa or the Middle East or is some random little pit of a country. On the other end of the spectrum the top 25 countries are all European or North American, with a handful of East Asian nations, except for Israel. Unless you forced me or the average person, there is no way I would live in any country in Africa (or the Middle East or South Asia). The nations of Africa are poor, mean, ignorant, unhealthy and violent because they are a reflection of their population.

A member of Uganda's medical community
However you slice it, the relative prosperity, freedom and health of a nation is not an issue of geography, it is an issue of humanity. There is a reason a volcanic island in the middle of a frigid ocean like Iceland is in the top 10 of the Human Development Index while similarly sized Eritrea comes in at number 179. Iceland is full of White people and Eritrea is not.

The quality of life in a nation is a direct result of the race of people that inhabit a given nation. Nations run by Whites (Europe, North America, Australia/New Zealand) and some East Asians (Korea, Japan, etc.) are generally free, prosperous, healthy and safe. Nations run by blacks (Africa, Haiti, etc.) or brown people (Southeast Asia, South/Central America, the Middle East minus Israel) are the exact opposite. That is why people from black and brown countries flee in such enormous numbers to countries that are White. It is not because there is something magical that happens when you cross from Africa into Europe or from Central America into North America. It is 100% because the people who live in the White countries are White and if you replace the Whites in Europe with blacks you don't end up with Black Europe, you end up with Northern Africa.

Marc Faber's crime is not telling an untruth, his crime is telling a truth that is not allowed to be spoken and it is a truth that virtually every person understands. Do you ever wonder why the Negro football players that protest against "White supremacy" and "police brutality" in America don't leave America and move to Africa? Because they know Africa is a crap hole and even more so they know it is a crap hole because it is full of people like themselves. Do you think Lebron James lives in a predominantly black neighborhood? No. I picked James at random because he is a superstar and according to this story from ABC apparently Lebron James lives outside of Akron in a 30,000 square foot, $9 million mansion in a place called Bath Township. What do we know about Bath Township? Besides being the home of Lebron it is also, according to Wikipedia, overwhelmingly wealthy and really overwhelmingly one race:
The racial makeup of the township was 95.41% White, 1.59% African American, 0.04% Native American, 1.90% Asian, 0.11% from other races, and 0.94% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 0.80% of the population.
Why wouldn't Lebron choose to live in his hometown of Akron which is about 1/3 black or Cleveland where his team the Cavaliers play which is over 50% black instead of building a mansion in a little town that is over 95% White? Because blacks that have the means to do so usually choose to move away from other blacks and into places that are mostly White because they don't want to live among a bunch of blacks either. If blacks had colonized America, assuming they could figure out how to navigate this far, America would look like Liberia and that is the cold, hard fact.

We live in perilous times indeed when simply telling the truth is enough to get you ostracized and fired.