Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Didn't See That Coming: A Diversity Hire's Diversity Hire Kills White Woman

A bizarre news story has fillled the web over the last few days of Mohamed Noor, a male Somali immigrant police officer who shot, apparently while seated and across his partner, an unarmed and by all accounts completely harmless White woman. As of early this morning, there are reports now that he fired his weapon in response to a "loud sound". As a gun owner I often unbuckle and draw my holstered weapon and shoot right across another person out of a car window at women in pajamas because I am startled by a loud sound. Of course the bodycams of both officers were not turned on. Perhaps if dyke police chief Janeé Harteau was more concerned about basic police procedures and less concerned with dancing around with her fellow sexual degenerates, waving the rainbow flag and celebrating sodomy pride, officers under her command would't be startled by loud sounds, draw their sidearm from a sitting position, shoot across their seated partner and gun down an unarmed, obviously non-threatening White woman in her pajamas. But then again, what else would you expect?

"Chief" Janeé Harteau, who crows on her Twitter page about being the mother of a "beautiful daughter", no mention of a husband or father of course since not only is she a girl she is also an open lesbian (I am shocked and stunned by this revelation), and being the "1st female MPD police chief" is pretty obviously a diversity hire, just like "Officer" Noor. Maybe she is a great cop and leader, probably not. She is a woman, a lesbian and Minneapolis is in the great diverse state of Minnesota (Hillary 46.44%, Trump 44.92%) after all and not surprisingly her boss the mayor is also a woman. My wife commented to me that when women are in charge they are ruled by their feelings instead of reason and facts and that is obviously on display here. A Somali, Abu Kassim Jeilani, got shot by cops in Minneapolis (while waving around a machete and crowbar) and the prior chief thought this was awful and could be avoided by hiring Somali police officers. That worked out well, huh?

The whole thing reminded me of a scene from 48 Hours where Eddie Murphy borrows Nick Nolte's badge and gun to get information from a "redneck" bar.

"I'm your worst nightmare, I'm a nigger with a badge"

Replace "nigger" with "Somali", for the sake of precision, and you get the situation in Minneapolis. Noor is one of 9 Somalis on the Minneapolis police force, so statistically White women in Minneapolis have at least a one in nine chance of getting murdered if they encounter a Somali cop.

Once upon a time societal institutions like the police and the military were intended to serve a specific purpose: to keep the citizens, who grant them lethal force authority and fund their existence via their taxes, safe from criminals and foreign adversaries respectively. Now? Now you can't even get enough "conservatives" in the House of Representatives to vote to overturn the policy of having the military pay for the "gender reassignment" surgery for mentally ill people who somehow got into the military and you have a "police chief" hiring people from primitive cultures and giving them guns, at least when they take a break from prancing around with rainbow sodomy pride flags. Ironically the same people that she hires as cops will someday be the people throwing perverts like Chief Cunnilingus off buildings. The MPD is obviously sold out on this idea, based on the crowing of Chief Harteau (did I mention she is the first female chief of police in Minneapolis?! And a lesbian!!!!) about promoting a Hispanic, Medaria Arradondo, to be assistant chief. The website for the Minneapolis police is like a poorly done parody site mocking social justice. Look at out staff!

So a Hispanic of some sort, a colored officer, a Muslim of some sort and a butch looking woman. If you keep scrolling you run into some White men, but even there you have a White cop with a little Muslim girl in a hijab. I would be willing to bet that the actual officers on the force are majority White males, but even that might not be true anymore. What White man would want to put his life on the line for people who by and large hate him and who will blame him for being too forceful or not forceful enough no matter what he does, not to mention the humiliation of having a lesbian ordering you around? Serve and protect has been replaced by pander and "pride".

It is suicidal to continue to bring in people from primitive cultures to flood our nation. To turn around and give those same primitives guns and the legal cover to use lethal force simply hastens the suicide.

Wake up.

The word diversity is just a polite way of saying White genocide and now it is simply getting more blatant. 

I don't think Mohamed Noor was intentionally planning on striking a blow for White genocide, given the average IQ of sub-Saharan Africans I doubt he could think that far ahead. But the murder of a White woman by Mohamed Noor is the inevitable result of a policy that places feelings and "diversity" over public safety and cultural survival.

Look at these two. One is dead and the other killed her. I am not super excited about importing spiritual healers or whatever silly but harmless nonsense Justine Damond was into but I would take 100 of her coming to this country over one of Mohamed Noor's ilk.

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