Sunday, July 30, 2017

Save Us Abdul! Come To Our Country And Fertilize Our Women!

Did you catch this story from the Daily Mail?
'Australian women need Muslims to fertilise them because their beer-swilling, drug-injecting men are incapable': Leading Islamic businessman's outrageous claims about shock fertility statistics
It is just chock full of good stuff, first and foremost someone living in Australia talking about fertilizing women (or fertilise because apparently Australians don't know how to spell. It is an island populated by criminals after all). I love me some good misogyny but fertilizing them? Are women the equivalent of corn? I am not a professional farmer but I think it you try to knife anhydrous ammonia into a woman, the cops will get involved, unless you live in a Muslim country and then the whore probably had it coming. What is even better is the picture the Daily Mail lifted from Facebook:

Where are the White women for the fertilizing?
Mmmm. What a stallion.

Yes sirree Bob! I bet the blonde Aussie babes are lining up for a good old fashioned fertilizing from this Casanova. Girls just swoon over the protruding mole on his forehead. This is what he actually posted:

Muslims have a duty to make your women happy. By fertilizing, forcing them to cover themselves head to toe and keeping civil order by ordering men to rape teenage girls in retaliation for her brother raping a different teenage girl. Life is a barrel of laughs for women in Muslim countries, as long as they laugh at home or in public while covered up and escorted by a male relative. Please note that this woman-fertilizing-machine, that totally unironically calls non-Muslims "bigots" after a juvenile screed, is quoting from a curious study:
His comments follow research by Hebrew University-Hadassah Braun School of Public Health and Community Medicine in Jerusalem found male fertility had sharply declined by more than 50 per cent in less than 40 years in Western nations, including Australia.
Now what sort of linkage might one make there? Hmmm.

Anyhoo, he isn't totally wrong. Creepy and self-unaware af yes, but not totally wrong. Sperm count is going down among Whites and no one seems quite sure why or for that matter if it is a problem. Young White men are apparently more interested in drinking beer and playing video games and watching porn than they are in finding a woman to marry, settle down with and have kids together (i.e. fertilizing). Given the generally deplorable state of a significant portion of White women in the West that are either pussy hat wearing man haters or THOTs and skanks, not to mention government policies that encourage and subsidize men to knock up women and not marry them, you kind of can't blame men for sitting at home on the couch.

On a more serious note, this article is something to take note of for two reasons.

First, it is perfectly acceptable to talk openly about White genocide. You can advocate for replacing Whites with no repercussions unless you go about it in the sort of clownish and clumsy way that Mohamed here went about it. It is really happening. It has been for some time. White birth rates are plummeting while Africans, some Asians and Middle-Easterners are fertilizing like rabbits. Sperm counts are going down, not by a little bit but by HALF in Western nations over the course of my lifetime. I have a bunch of kids so clearly no sperm count problems here. The question you have to ask is:
Why are sperm counts inexplicably plummeting in Western, i.e. White majority, nations while remaining apparently high in non-Western nations especially when Western men enjoy the best nutrition and health care in the world? 
Let me adjust my tinfoil hat for a moment...

....that's better. It almost seems as if this is being done intentionally. If someone, a small minority group for example, wanted to replace a threatening and dominant majority race but can't because they are too badly outnumbered and outgunned, what would their plan be? Perhaps slowly poison their men to reduce fertility, encouraging birth control and abortion to reduce the number of pregnancies carried to term and creating social conditions where men don't want to get married or wait far longer than in the past so they can spend more time being single and getting into debt that discourages them from having children. At the same time you create crisis in Third World nations and encourage their male residents to leave to go to these low sperm count, low birth rate Western nations in massive numbers. Whites slowly die out, a lower IQ race that is easier to manipulate and control replaces them and you never have to pull a trigger yourself. If you have the long view, it is pretty ingenious.

The second thing that is important is to talk about are Whites in general. I plan on one or more likely several posts on this topic but in short one of the main problems with the alt-right and White nationalists in general is that they seem to think that getting rid of non-Whites will make everything better. It isn't that simple. Come with me to a suburban or rural Wal-Mart and I will show you what Whites in this country are like right now. Read about the opiod epidemic in rural White America and books like Hillbilly Elegy. Rural Whites have always been kind of redneck but at least they still got married and went to church. Now they pop pills and get knocked up. Many rural areas have the same social pathologies as minority dominated inner-cities minus one glaring problem, the murder rate.

Suburban White neighborhoods are full of cucks and low testosterone sissies. Young White men are angry and frustrated but they have no outlet so they sit at home alone being angry, shooting Nazis and aliens on the X-Box. They don't form friendships and they don't have girlfriends. When you can stay in the basement playing video games and watching porn or if you are especially adventurous you can get girls you know to send you nude photos without leaving the house, how are you supposed to form bonds with other people? Put yourself in the shoes of a modestly aware White middle-class male teen. You are going to graduate from high school having learned nothing except how to take tests. You have no skills. You have to go to college, everyone says so, and that means four more years of drudgery on campus being told how evil you are for being White by teachers paid by White tax and tuition dollars in a university built by White people. As an added bonus you get to leave with no job prospects, a mountain of debt, four years worth of psychological torture and for most of them still no job skills. You better find a job though because those student loan bills are going to come due! What could be better than paying for an "education" where you learned nothing for decades after you get your degree? I think the suicide rate is going up not because of "bullying" but because who the hell wants to walk into that for the rest of their lives?

Urban "Whites"? Please. The ones still in the urban settings are either so rich that they are insulated from all of this or are self-loathing liberals or they aren't actually White at all.

I read a lot of White nationalists and alt-right voices talking about social welfare programs to benefit Whites once we get rid of non-Whites but the stark reality is that Whites in the West are in terrible shape. Just getting rid of non-Whites won't magically make White men's sperm counts go up or convince White women to stop whoring around. It is easier and very tempting to focus on what others are doing to us instead of what we are doing to ourselves but that is not going to fix anything and it is precisely the sort of mindset that I find repulsive about a lot of non-Whites that claim to be oppressed at any and every opportunity.

Getting mad at goofball creeps like Mohamed up there doesn't do much. I am an advocate for my own people, why should we expect anything different from him? He is a Muslim and desires to see Islam dominate the world and people like him to rule, especially if that means ample White girls to fertilize. We should point this out again and again to redpill our friends, family, neighbors, fellow believers, etc. but we need to do the harder, more invested work at the same time. I can knock out a blog post in 20 minutes, if I stop checking social media and watching Youtube, but the work of raising a new generation of Whites to reclaim our heritage and civilization is a daily grind that only pays off decades down the road. That is where we need to focus a lot of our efforts and that is going to be a constant theme for me.

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