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A Bit About Me

This is a slightly edited repost from my prior blog to introduce myself.


I figured it wouldn't hurt to put some basic information about me to give the rare reader that accidentally stumbles onto this page some insight as to where I am coming from. Hopefully as my writing improves and I get on more solid footing more people will intentionally come here to read my ramblings so I expect this to be a "living document" as I work out what I am pondering and I plan on moving this to a perma-linked location.

Without divulging too much in the way of personal information, I am a middle-aged White guy who lives in the Midwest and I have been married for quite a while. We have a large family, more than pulling my weight in the quest to stave off our impending demographic disaster.

Here is why I am as of right now on some issues of note. I am still in the process of forming my positions on some of these areas that I previously didn't permit myself to think too deeply about.


Nothing really matters more to me than my faith. When I identify as a Christian, I don't mean that I go to church on occasion or that I was "baptized" as a baby or that I mark "Christian" on surveys. I mean that I approach every topic via the lens of Scripture and my faith must inform everything I believe. I not only own a Bible (actually quite a few of them), I also read it regularly.

This has also been my biggest stumbling block to work through as I begin exploring topics of nationalism and racial identity. This is way too complicated an issue to bullet point but it is something I have thought a lot about, well before I started blogging in this new venue. In short I think that a lot of the common platitudes thrown around in Christian circles on issues of race are driven by poor exegesis, general Biblical illiteracy and heaping helpings of misplaced White guilt.


Believe it or not, I don't hate anyone. That makes no sense in our culture. Unless you bow and scrape at the altar of multiculturalism, you obviously hate everyone. Regardless of the dichotomy of unquestioning acceptance and obsequiousness versus outright hatred that our culture demands we accept and form every conversation through, I simply don't hate people because they are a different race or ethnicity or religion. I can prefer the company of people I share a common heritage and common values with and not automatically hate people who do not have that in common with me. I can also dislike aspects of other groups without hating them and even say that some cultures are superior to others in objective ways. None of that is hate.

Racism is the contemporary boy who cried wolf. When everything and anything is racism, pretty soon most people see nothing as racism because it is a meaningless term. In fact the result has been the precise opposite of what the public intent of pummeling the American people with White self-loathing and collective guilt is supposed to lead to. Instead of creating a perfectly flaccid society that where people who never owned slaves stand shame-faced in line to pay reparations to people who were never slaves, this constant drumbeat has instead made people so tired of being called a racist that they stop believing it. I am prime example of this. By indirectly calling me a racist over and over the forces of forced multicultural compliance have actually immunized me from caring about it and now I feel free to speak my mind because it just doesn't matter if leftists think I am a racist. In other words, if they are going to call me a racist no matter what I do, unless I abandon every shred of dignity and intellectual honest, then why should I care what they think at all? Hunter Wallace put it well in his post, The Real Racists Suffer From Negro Fatigue:
Rod Dreher’s readers are clearly suffering from an advanced case of Negro Fatigue. What is the diagnosis of Negro Fatigue, you ask? It isn’t *hating* black people so much as it is a feeling of exhaustion. It’s like you tried and you are done. More than anything else, it is a feeling of total indifference among White people to whatever radical black activists like Ta-Nehisi Coates or John Lewis are agitating about on any given day. Are you rolling your eyes when you hear ‘Civil Rights Icon’ John Lewis or ‘Civil Rights Leader’ Rev. Jesse Jackson? If so, you are coming down with Negro Fatigue.
John Lewis & Co. have maxed out the ‘racism’ card. They have spent their moral authority. It won’t be transferable to the next generation of ‘civil rights leaders’ like Ta-Nehisi Coates, DeRay and Talcum X Shaun King. White America has too much Negro Fatigue after eight years of Barack Obama. The Alt-Right is only the canary in the coal mine.
That is pretty accurate. Many, many White people have long instinctively understood that blacks and Whites are different, just as Asians and Hispanics are different from us and from each other. We also largely know that there are some pretty troubling and common characteristic among blacks, including a propensity to crime, especially violent crime, lower average IQs, serious issues with lack of impulse control, a willingness to take from society rather than to contribute, and on and on. When I was younger we talked about these issues rather openly, if in an admittedly less than subtle and nuanced fashion but as we have grown older these issues, which are still at least as serious and common, are shoved into the shadows so that it seems perfectly reasonable for the Department of "Justice" to focus on alleged police misconduct and abuse of power in Chicago (which undoubtedly exists as it does in every manifestation of the Federal government) while at home White people read about the DOJ report and wonder why the primary concern is not blacks murdering each other by the hundreds. Of course we don't say anything out loud. Even in my own home for the longest time we would often make a comment when blacks were predictably involved in some heinous crime and then sort of try to pretend we didn't actually say anything at all.

All that to say that while I don't hate anyone for their race or ethnicity or religion, not hating them does not require me to unreservedly and enthusiastically embrace everything about them. I do expect to write a lot about race because it is the biggest divider and the most serious issue we face, even after 8 years of a (half) black President or perhaps it is more accurate to say because of 8 years of a (half) black President. The normalization of sexual deviancy is a close contender in second place but race is still the greatest issue, not least because the shifting demographics in the U.S. mean more racial tension in the coming years while there is only a finite pool of perverts, homosexuals, pedophiles, etc. although I will grant that they are increasingly bold, vocal and capable of extreme viciousness.

One last rather sweeping statement. I am increasingly convinced that the various races, especially blacks and Whites, inhabit different worlds while supposedly living in the same country and that this cannot be solved by diversity training but rather by accepting and embracing our differences even to the point of being separate from one another.


Like virtually all Americans, I come from a family of immigrants, in my case, as is the case with most White Americans, European immigrants. My family and my wife's family came here in the 19th and 18th centuries. They came here on boats, legally and in the light of day. They learned English and worked and raised families. They did not sneak into this country, hiding from the authorities because they knew they were breaking the law.

Immigration is a multi-faceted issue. I am all in favor of creating very serious, criminal penalties for employing illegal aliens, perhaps a very stiff penalty for each alien in your employ the first offense and then 30 days in the local jail for the second offense. I guarantee that meat packing plants would stop hiring illegal aliens in a heartbeat if the managers and HR staff were facing a month in jail and a felony conviction on their record for doing so. The flip-side is the difficulty in stopping border crossers who often get sent back again and again with no consequences or who end up in detention centers on the American tax payer's dime for extended periods.

One of the biggest obstacles to keeping illegals out of our country is the seemingly endless supply of low paying jobs that "Americans won't do" so there is always demand for these illegals. In fact it is often stated that since Americans "won't do" these jobs, cracking down on immigration means no tomatoes for American consumers, no landscaping around homes or businesses and Chicken McNuggets that cost $10 per nugget. What I have always found weird is that we have all of these jobs that Americans "won't do" but we also have millions upon millions of Americans that we pay to not work at any job at all. How many men and women sit on the couch collecting government benefits and yet would laugh in your face if you suggested working in a work environment like a meat packing plant? It seems to me that if we a) have a high demand for certain kinds of jobs, so high that people risk arrest, deportation and even death to come get those jobs and b) we have an enormous surplus of labor that is currently doing nothing, both problems cancel each other out and solve themselves.

I don't know of anyone even remotely serious that is suggesting that we halt all immigration or that we send back people who recently legally arrived here. The immigration position most people seem to advocate is that we get serious about screening people we allow to come here, enforce the law for people who have overstayed their permit and be sensible in the numbers of people we allow in. This is a sovereign nation with legal borders, a nation allegedly founded on the rule of law and there is absolutely no obligation for America to allow anyone to emigrate here. People who have as their first act in this country willful law-breaking have no place in America. I am not sure what to do about people who keep coming back repeatedly after being deported. I know what I would like to do about it but that would probably be considered inhumane.

The "Jewish Question"

This is a tough one because I haven't done enough research on it. I know that the JQ is supposed to be a make or break issue for a lot of people on the alt-right, etc. but it interests me less than questions of race realism, the ethnostate, immigration control, etc. Part of my issue is that as a generally conservative, patriotic American and especially as a conservative Evangelical Christian, the Jews are supposed to be our greatest friends. Israel can do no wrong, the Jews are God's chosen people, etc. For someone to question the disproportionate influence of Jews on Western cultural institutions or to suggest that maybe Israel is occasionally too heavy handed is tantamount to shoving a little old Jewish lady into an oven.

Like I said this is one that I haven't had as much time to think about compared to race and immigration.

Family and Gender

The "nuclear family" or traditional family or whatever you call it is one of the foundations of the White European society and culture. As it has imploded so has our culture. While the Negro social structure has been a dumpster fire since well before Daniel Patrick Moynihan's infamous report, more and more we are seeing White Americans adopting the same pattern of single mothers, deadbeat dads, generational dependency and general sneering dismissal of the importance of family. Girls raised by single mothers getting knocked up and becoming single mothers, grandparents raising grandkids, etc. are all symptoms of a sickness in our culture. Make no mistake, this is not unintentional. The effort to dumb down our society, to emasculate men and de-feminize women, to subsidize behavioral choices that were culturally shameful a few generations ago, the effort to separate children from the influence of their parents by storing them in government run propaganda camps/feedlots called public school and pushing moms into the workplace, all of this is a program designed to rot the core of our cultural foundations. Having said that, the greatest force for undermining the family is not public schools or atheism or feminism. It is self-emasculating men who refuse to lead their families. We have men like that, simpering and soft men who creep around our society and their own homes like house elves at Hogwarts, in spades. We need more men who act like men, like husbands and like fathers.

If the various movements that fall under the umbrella of White nationalism, the Alt-Right, the New Right, etc.  fails to champion the White family, it will be doomed to be just another flash in the pan movement.

Gender is not something malleable or subject to personal choice or whim. It is the most basic biological fact as even a cursory study of the natural world would confirm. Likewise human sexuality is clearly defined, and is binary. With rare physiological mutations aside, there are men and there are women. The basic survival and perpetuation of humanity depends on this, it is how we were created and how we flourish. Homosexuality, transgenderism, pedophilia, the entire universe of sexual deviancy that denies basic human created sexuality and replaces it with perversions that at their essence deny the created order subvert and degrade the essential building blocks of European culture and it is therefore no surprise that family and traditional human sexuality are areas of life most under assault by the progressives and globalists who want consumer sheep instead of free men and women.

This is why I don't get the infatuation about Milo. Milo is amusing because he is so un-PC and makes liberals nuts because he is a protected class but I can't see how embracing him serves the cause. He is sort of like a court jester, he makes us laugh now and then but you wouldn't want him to marry the princess (or prince in this case). Anyway, if we lose the White family, the party is over. A culture with lots of White degenerates is not sustainable and not remotely appealing.

The Ethnostate

This is more of a placeholder because I need to think a lot more about this issue and read a lot more before I can start to make a reasonably informed opinion on it.

So that is just a few of my initial thoughts. More to come!

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