Wednesday, July 5, 2017

John Jay And The Blessings Of A Homogeneous Culture

In keeping with the one of the themes of this blog, I wanted to share something from John Jay, one of the Founding Fathers, the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and one of the authors of the Federalist Papers.

In Federalist Number 2, Jay addressed the question of whether we should have a Federal government, i.e. a centralized national government, or a loose confederation of states. Obviously since he was writing for the Federalist he argued in favor of the ratification of the Constitution and the creation of a reasonably strong but still incredibly limited by our standards Federal government. I am quite certain that he would be appalled at what has become of the Constitution and the Federal government today. The idea of a central government that dictates and controls every single aspect of every citizen's life would be abhorrent to Jay, Hamilton and Madison. I would also guess that Hamilton and his counterparts would not find it entertaining or amusing to have one of the most important works in their lives and in the lives of this country made a mockery of in a Broadway play where, among other grotesqueries, Alexander Hamilton was played by a Puerto Rican sodomite infected with a sexually transmitted disease that I am confident has never read the Federalist Papers.

Jay's argument for the adoption of the Constitution is eloquent and impassioned. One portion in particular stood out for me because in it we see at one time both the great strength of America and in turn what is leading to her downfall. Along with being an incredibly rich and beautiful land, the America of Jay's time was populated by a marvelous people, emphasis is mine:
With equal pleasure I have as often taken notice that Providence has been pleased to give this one connected country to one united people--a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs, and who, by their joint counsels, arms, and efforts, fighting side by side throughout a long and bloody war, have nobly established general liberty and independence.
This combination of a bountiful land and a unified people descended from the same ancestors made the system of government described in the Constitution work. Indeed the people are what makes our system work, not the other way around. But the converse is also true.

A democratic Republic can only function when those being governed share a common sense and reality of ancestry, history and culture. In other words they share the reality of being one people united by something other than all having Social Security numbers.

When those governed do not share a common ancestry, history and culture and indeed is made up of competing groups with very different cultures antithetical to one another, a free Republic cannot long survive. The most populous of the competing groups will eventually form voting blocs that will use their electoral power to take from other groups. This is the situation we find ourselves in today in the United States.

While America has always had a mixture of people, and of course for a century a large population of colored chattel slaves, it was governed and populated by a people with a shared religious faith, even when divided between the various Protestant groups. I was a little surprised to see a statistic cited that only around 1% of White Americans were Roman Catholic as of the American Revolution. Much later, in the 19th and 20th centuries, we saw a major influx of immigrants from places like Ireland, Italy, Germany and Poland. Along with speaking different languages in most cases and notably being Roman Catholic, they were White and shared European history with the current residents. Even with a common race, shared history and holding to an ostensibly similar faith, the influx of immigrants causes a great deal of strain on the United States. Even as recently as the early second half of the 20th century, ethnic differences among Whites were still palpable. Marrying another White outside of your ethnic group was not unheard of but it could be a source of conflict within families. Italian parents wanted their sons to marry a nice Italian girl, and Irish parents wanted their daughters to marry an Irish boy.

The differences between an Italian and an Irish causing strife seems almost laughable today but for 100 hundred years it was very serious indeed. Little wonder that as we essentially shut off immigration from majority White, culturally Christian European nations and open the floodgates to people from Asia and Africa and South America that it is causing strain on this country that threatens to destroy it once and for all. Our ethnic European heritage has been reduced to something we are told we ought to be ashamed of and our cherished ethnic celebrations are little more than occasions to get drunk and for deviants and perverts to demand the right to prance around in parades putting their debauchery on display.

The states that are the most stable today are typically homogenous states. Japan is almost entirely Japanese and suffers from virtually no terrorism and has so little significant crime that their police are looking for things to do. Iceland, Switzerland, etc. Actually allow me to amend that because when states are homogenous and that homogeneity is White, or sometimes Asian, my statement holds true. When a nation is a homogenous black or Hispanic nation that of course is not the case.

The United States is not merely an agreed upon set of principles because those principles can change and mutate into something unrecognizable as we see today. We originated as a people and as a people we created a system of government and a society that would function for us as a people, a White, European and at least nominally Christian people. That system is wholly unsuitable to the people who live in America today and the result is political strife, political violence and an obvious coming apart at the seams for the entire nation.

We have failed to understand what was created for us and unless we take steps to recover the national heritage of the United States we will destroy what so many worked so hard to create, maintain and defend. Our heritage was of necessity was largely based on ethnicity and race and if we pretend it was not the United States will end up on the ash heap of history alongside other great empires that destroyed themselves from within.

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