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Race And Civilization Cannot Be Divorced

Lauren Southern (who is not right on every issue but she is more right than not and I believe is getting righter by the day, plus is a bit of eye candy) posted a video a while back on the Great Replacement. Here it is below if you want to watch....

During the video there was a screenshot of an older article (from 2000) from The Guardian titled not-so-subtly "The last days of a white world". It is pretty old so the data it has is both stuff we already know and way out of date. The article is nothing special and as it comes from a far Left publication it glosses over or ignores the seriousness of the issue with quotes like this:
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown of the Foreign Policy Centre, who arrived in London from Uganda in 1972, said such fears are basically racist: 'Only white people worry about this. It's because for such a long time the world has been their own. To talk about it feeds a particular type of racism that says that blacks breed like rabbits. There is an underlying assumption that says white is right.'
She added: 'There is a white panic every time one part of their world seems to be passing over to anyone else. But it's foolish to panic about it. So what if we do become a majority? What difference does it make?'
For Alibhai-Brown, the decline of whites is a question of redressing the balance after they colonised much of the world. 'The empire strikes back really. There was this extraordinary assumption that white people could go and destroy peoples and it would have no consequence. It astounds me,' she said.
Almost two decades later in 2017 as the hordes of "migrants" invade Europe and slowly but inexorably mutate what was for centuries the heart of civilization, not just Western civilization but civilization period, I think many of us and more by the day are answering her question "What difference does it make?". I would wonder why Yasmin, who came to London in 1972, stays in Europe if it makes no difference whether a country is populated by White European or Ugandans. I went to her Wikipedia page and was treated to this little gem:
Alibhai-Brown was born into the Ugandan Asian community in Kampala in 1949; her family belonged to the Nizari branch of the Shia Islamic faith, and she identifies as a Shia Muslim. Her mother was born in East Africa and her father moved there from British India in the 1920s.
After graduating in English literature from Makerere University in 1972, Alibhai-Brown left Uganda for Britain, along with her niece, Farah Damji, shortly before the expulsion of Ugandan Asians by Idi Amin, and completed a Master of Philosophy degree in literature at Linacre College, University of Oxford, in 1975. After working as a teacher, particularly with immigrants and refugees, she moved into journalism in her mid-thirties. She is married to Colin Brown, chairman of the Consumer Services Panel of the Financial Services Authority. The couple have a daughter, and Alibhai-Brown has a son from a previous marriage.
So she is a divorced Muslim woman who doesn't cover her head and who essentially fled the paradise known as Uganda when it was taken over by lunatic Idi Amin. Why did she flee to the U.K. only to get a divorce and then marry a White Englishmancuck? Oh that's right. because it was full of people not like herself but then she makes a career out of bashing the people who took her in and gave her shelter, happiness and prosperity, protected from the likes of people like herself. I have more to say on that line of thinking for another day, suffice it to say the sheer ingratitude of the non-Whites who enjoy the fruit of centuries of labor and blood from Whites is infuriating. 

My main point comes from the subheading of the article: We are near a global watershed - a time when white people will not be in the majority in the developed world, Britain included.

You will note if you read the article that the Guardian doesn't lament this seismic change, it seems to celebrate it and if anything be kind of miffed that it is taking so long to happen.

It is nonsensical for the Guardian to have a subheading that talks about "the developed world" with a minority of White people. Apart from a small handful of nations in Asia which are notable for being highly homogenous, there is no developed world apart from majority White nations. That is not a coincidence. It isn't as though the developed world magically sprang up from the earth overnight and the lazy Whites just moved in and occupied it, and it certainly is a fantasy that blacks created civilization and Whites stole it. We created it. The developed world is the direct result of the advancement of White civilization.

A lot of people, concentrated in the ranks of the elites in our culture, are giddy at the prospect of Whites becoming a minority despite the clear and obvious suicidal mindset behind this. The very culture that has made them immensely rich, powerful and influential will evaporate like a morning mist once Whites become a minority and a black, Hispanic and Muslim combination reaches critical mass.

There is a very small contingent of people for whom this change is going to be immensely profitable and they tend to be the loudest advocates for replacement. The very wealthiest among us who can pay to insulate themselves from the impact of the policies they push, who can afford armed guards and high powered attorneys and lawyers and live in segregated communities will be just fine and tend to be disproportionately Jewish, even "conservative" Jews like Jennifer Rubin and William Kristol who openly advocate wholesale replacement. Everyone else will not. Do you suppose that when Whites are a minority and Muslims and blacks dominate our population that having a Coexist bumper sticker on your car and an ACLU donor card in your wallet will stop them from stealing your Prius and raping your wife and children (and perhaps you as well)?

Here is a little thought-experiment I would like you to try. Imagine what America would be like if you could overnight magically remove segments of the population (this is hypothetical to make a point, I am not advocating genocide against any group).

What would America be like if you took away all of the blacks?

We can know a few things for certain. The prison population would shrink dramatically as blacks are wildly over-represented in prison (because they are wildly over-represented in crime). The violent crime rate would drop by a huge percentage as something like 3% of the population, young black men, commit around half of all murders. It would be a long term positive for our economy. As it stands right now, the average black is an enormous net drain on our economy. Vox Day posted The Cost of Black America and shows that the average black receives a net three quarter million dollars in benefits from the system over the course of an average lifespan whereas Whites pay in over $220,000. More on that in a moment. Other than diversity hires at universities and corporations and a contingent of largely low-skill, low-wage workers which could easily be replaced by the increasing number of prime working age White males who are out of the workforce, there would be nothing but benefits if America were suddenly bereft of blacks.

What about Hispanics? A lot of the same things are true as they are heavily over-represented in crime and prison. They are largely lower wage, lower skill workers but at least they do fill a niche but one again that could be filled by unemployed/underemployed Whites. Like blacks they are net takers from the system, although at a lower rate ($7,298 for Hispanics versus $10,016 annually for blacks). So again the result would be a net benefit to the U.S..

Well what about Whites? Remove the White population and America collapses. Immediately. We make up the vast majority of the tax base in our role as tax cattle for minorities. We make up the vast majority of professional jobs, executive positions and the skilled trades. Education, academia, the arts, the "culture", all are dominated by Whites. Who would feed America as Whites make up most of the farming population especially outside of South? Well sure you might say, Whites are the majority of the population so we couldn't do without them! Even if you could swap average blacks or Hispanics one for one for Whites, it wouldn't be the same. Blacks and Hispanics, especially blacks, simply have a lower average IQ and sit largely on the lower end of the bell curve for intelligence. In spite of untold billions spent to try to bring minorities closer to the same academic achievement level as Whites and Asians, it has been an utter failure and in many ways is getting worse. Those who shrug off or even openly welcome the eradication of White majority status don't seem to understand, or are too rich and connected to care, that aging Whites that will depend on Social Security and Medicare are going to be in trouble as the White tax cattle retire and are "replaced" by low-IQ, low-wage minorities. When push comes to shove and Whites are no longer the majority, do you think that given the choice of funding retirement benefits for old Whites or current welfare benefits for "people of color" that the new non-White majority is going to be appreciative of the society Whites bequeathed to them?

It is inescapable that when Whites are no longer the majority of the developed world that the developed world itself will rapidly collapse. Whites and the developed world go hand in hand. That doesn't necessarily mean that there is no place for non-Whites in the developed world, simply that one cannot replace Whites with non-Whites and end up with an equivalent society. If you replaced the population of India with a White population, India would inevitably change. The same is and will be true in the West. We are about to discover this first hand but unlike something trivial like fashion we will not be able to go back to normal pants when we realize bell-bottoms look stupid. Once the developed world is transformed, it will never go back and the balance of power will shift to places like China/Japan/Korea and Russia and Eastern Europe. For those of us who are left behind, the only question left is what to do about it. Sitting back passively hastens the collapse so our only options are to fight back against the tide of White hatred and suicidal White self-loathing or to seek an Exodus to homes more hospitable to Whites. I am not sure how feasible either of those options are right now but the alternative is for Whites to see America turn into post-apartheid South Africa on a much larger scale and that ought to horrify anyone who cares about the future of our civilization and our culture. 

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