Monday, July 24, 2017

America's Original Sin?

The cult of White guilt in America is ubiquitous and is especially insidious because it tends to pop up in unexpected places and is reinforced via subtle and endless reminders designed to cement in the minds of every White American that they are bad people because of the misdeeds, real and imagined and inflated, of prior generations of Whites whether they are related or not. As such we all deserve to be insulted and punished at every opportunity. The opposite is never true of course. We are never given credit for creating the greatest and most enduring civilization known to mankind (We wuz kangz, you didn't build that, etc.) and other civilizations are never to blame for past abuses or current failings. The movement to replace White civilization, culture and ultimately the people themselves can only happen in a setting where White self-loathing and guilt gives the impression that the world would be a better place if Whites were gone and we pretended that Whites never existed. The obvious inconvenient truth that people from non-White nations are desperate to get to majority White nations because they recognize that nations run by Whites are better places to live no matter your skin color is best left unsaid.

The reason I bring this up is something I read the other day on Fox News. It had to do with a new show from the producers of the hit HBO show Game of Rape Thrones, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. The new show will be called Confederate and is a fictional look at what the world would be like if the South had won the War between the States. As with anything Confederacy related, this show is already cancer. After all, it might accidentally portray a Southerner as something other than an uber-evil ogre that only bought blacks slaves so they can rape black women and we cannot allow that! The show sounds interesting, I like alternative historical fiction from the likes of authors like Harry Turtledove because it is fascinating to think how the world would be different if events happened in a slightly different way. That isn't why I am writing. What caught my attention and the point of my post was this line:
Taking on issues involving race and America's original sin - slavery - was sure to court controversy, Benioff said.
I have seen that phrase before. Why exactly is slavery America's "original sin" when slavery did not originate in America? Slavery predated America and lingered (and lingers) well after the Civil War. Slavery was practiced and is practiced in Africa, and of course many slaves sold to traders who ended up in America were captured and enslaved by fellow black Africans. Slavery was common throughout most of human history in one form or another and was common in non-White cultures. We see it repeatedly mentioned, although not condoned, in the Bible. In fact America is one of the few places where Whites fought and died in large numbers over the issue, a vicious and bloody war between Whites that ended up with American slaves being freed.

Unfortunately slavery was and remains the most useful weapon in the arsenal of those who wish to impugn Whites and denigrate Western civilization. No matter how the facts present the history of slavery, it is always and only the fault of Whites. Slavery is the sin that keeps on giving because no matter what good Whites have done, it is irrelevant because of slavery, and no matter what ills befall blacks it is never their fault, also because of slavery, even though there are no living former slaves or slave owners and haven't been for some time.

Pay attention to the language people use and call them on it when the language they use is aimed at pushing a false narrative. Slavery might have been sinful but it was not and is not unique to Whites or America. When we let others redefine history in order to create a framework that provides cover for the replacement of Whites civilization, culture and people, we are accessories to racial murder. Be sure you are informed because the assault on our people is constant.

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