Saturday, August 5, 2017

Who Will Pay In The Future When The Whites Are Gone?

I ran across a quote from Frau Merkel of Deutschland, way back in 2012, where she inadvertantly made a critical point in the immigration/invasion debacle consuming Europe. She said, quoted in the Financial Times:
"If Europe today accounts for just over 7 per cent of the world's population, produces around 25 per cent of global GDP and has to finance 50 per cent of global social spending, then it's obvious that it will have to work very hard to maintain it' prosperity and way of life."
Well said but not in the way she thought. Let's add in the U.S. for fun. In 2015 the U.S. had a GDP of around $18,500,000,000,000. The E.U. was second with somewhere over $16 trillion. The big two are followed after a significant gap by China ( $11 trillion ), then an even steeper drop to Japan ( $4 trillion ), then Germany and the UK which are already accounted for under the EU total, then India ($2.4 trillion ), Brazil ($2.1 trillion) and America's hat Canada ($1.6 trillion ). Here it is in graph form, the (ironically) white empty quadrant in the graph represents the rest of the world making up around a quarter of the remaining GDP combined.

What you might notice if you are a racist and what I will point out for you in case you are not is that there are no African or Middle Eastern nations on the list that makes up three quarters of the world's GDP. Saudi Arabia is the first true Middle Eastern nation on the list coming in around 19 or 20 depending on which chart you use and we all know why it is there, a) because of oil and b) because of a) it gets special treatment and protection from the U.S. and even then their GDP is a paltry $6.5-7 hundred billion. Peanuts. We spend that on our military alone.

So what? Here is the so what. The enormous GDP of the U.S. and E.U., China and Japan, are not accidents. White people didn't stumble into already thriving civilizations and just take over. Nor did Japan or China. No, we and they built these civilizations which in turn generated such economic prosperity. Not withstanding what Barack Obama claimed in his "You didn't build that" speech, my forefathers here and in Europe did build unmatched civilizations which created things like the Louvre and the HofbrÀuhaus, the Golden Gate Bridge and Mount Rushmore, Handel's Messiah and the Mona Lisa. Obama's dad comes from Kenya, south of 70th on the GDP list, from a town that didn't have electricity until 2 days after Obama won the Presidential election in 2008 (an event celebrated in his dad's hometown with some livestock slaughtering). No wonder he was so prickly about the achievements of America made without and often in spite of the "contributions" of his people. Civilization, culture, economic prosperity do not occur in a vacuum. The relationship between race and prosperity is not incidental. Where Whites and East Asians are dominate, prosperity follows. Where they are absent, the opposite is true.

Getting back to immigrants and Frau Merkel. Her argument and the one made across Europe and in America is that because Whites are aging and not having as many kids, we desperately need black and brown immigrants to fill jobs and pay taxes to keep the good times rolling. To arrive at this conclusion you need to see people as interchangeable economic units. You can replace a White European worker with an black immigrant from Ghana and nothing changes. As should be evident from above, this is simply not true. This isn't a strategy game where you can reallocate people and get the same results.

Low IQ immigrants necessarily mean low skill level immigrants which in turn means low income immigrants. Add in the cultural incompatibility, low motivation to work and language issues and you have a serious downgrade when you replace the average White worker with a Third World migrant. Teaching a goat-herder from Afghanistan to do something useful in Sweden is going to take many years, during which time he is simply living off the labor of Whites and just as likely might decide that he likes that better than getting a job.

The great and glaring and obvious factor that makes the narrative that we need to import economic migrants from Third World nations to support White natives in their golden years so false is that not only are these migrants not close to being a one for one replacement for existing workers but they have very little incentive to maintain the social safety net once they are in power. Do you think that Jobobo from Tanzania and Abdul from Pakistan are going to vote to take money out of their own pockets to provide for old Whites Germans? Not hardly. I don't really blame them. They watch out for their own. East Asians do the same. Unfortunately the same is not true for Whites.

All of the marvelous things about Western nations that we cherish and often take for granted also draw people from less prosperous places. They come to take what we have built. The cannot build what we have, history and reason prove that, and they therefore cannot sustain it. When you replace Whites with non-Whites from Africa and the Middle East you must accept that they will not become European. Europe will become Africa. Then where will they go? Where will they go when the social welfare money runs out and the natural resources are destroyed by people incapable of restraining their impulses? Western Europe is a generation away from utter annihilation and ironically those who are cheering this on will be the ones who suffer the most when liberal democracy is gone to be replaced by sharia and primitive tribalism. To be sure some will be OK, they will rule over the desolation from on high because they have been preparing for, planning for and indeed hastening that day for a long, long time. For the rest of the guilty, self-loathing Whites the future is rape gangs, violence and subjugation. Not only have they forgotten how to fight, they have welcomed the invaders in with open arms (and legs).

When Whites are gone, there will be no one left to pay but by then it will be too late. Let's hope that America steps back from the edge before we follow Europe into the abyss.

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