Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A "Bombing"? How Convenient

Just a quick note here. The Somali and Muslim community in Minneapolis got some bad press thanks to a diversity hire black Somali cop shooting an unarmed White woman. The police chief/token lesbian was forced to resign, etc. The lo and behold, a "bombing" at a local mosque that seems to have police baffled and conveniently was timed when no one would be hurt in the imam's office. Wow, one might almost say....

As the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports, Bloomington Islamic Center picks up pieces after explosion, the FBI is on the job, hundreds or thousands of members of law enforcement are working overtime and of course White cuck churches are lining up to show solidarity. The mosque is hosting media and tours to show that nothing nefarious is going on here. Now mosques get bombed all the time but usually it is by other Muslims so we don't talk about that but "witnesses" saw a pick-up truck fleeing the scene. A PICK-UP TRUCK! You know what that means, a White male Trump supporter. The whole thing stinks.
Meanwhile a group of at least 50 clergy and church members from Bloomington happened to be holding a meeting Monday evening about initiating “respectful conversation” about immigration. The mosque bombing was expected to be front and center.
"Happened" huh? Like I said, convenient. In the unlikely event anyone there was going to offer a timid word in support of tighter immigration controls, you can be sure they will either not show up or shut their mouth.


Maybe this will turn out to be what we are being spun, some angry White guy seeking retaliation or something. Until there is some evidence, real evidence other than "pick-up truck", I will remain skeptical. I expect this news story to disappear in a week and no one will ever be charged. It all seems too...convenient. When Muslims bomb Christian churches around the world, they kill people. No one was even hurt in this bombing at 5 AM. Meanwhile the Somali cop shooting a White woman is gone from the news.


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