Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Revising The Arctic Alliance

John Derbyshire has long been one of my favorite writers, back to his days at National Review before he ran afoul of political correctness and lost his job as a result of what I thought at the time was a very sensible essay that most normal people would affirm, at least in private, and that I think has aged exceptionally well in the passing of the years. One of his more inspired ideas and one that seems especially prescient today is the idea of an Arctic Alliance. Derb suggested a future where high IQ, low birthrate "arctic" nations, i.e. the U.S and Canada, Europe, Russia and East Asia (Japan, Korea, China) would band together for protection against the fecund, low IQ people of Africa, South Asia (Pakistan, Indian, Bangladesh) and the Middle East, regions he calls the "Temperates" and the "Tropics". Not much came of it and today it seems awfully unlikely given our hostile relationships with Russia and China and the endless flashpoint of North Korea.

Gilbert Cavanaugh revisited this idea in 2013 and then again in 2015 at Alternative Right in a post called A Domestic Arctic Alliance where he explores the idea of these ethnic groups within the U.S. forming an alliance within the United States. This makes sense as both East Asians and Whites are openly discriminated against by various governmental systems, especially for Asians in educational opportunity (they are now hiding their race on college applications), and both groups are regularly and disproportionately victimized by blacks and Hispanics. Unfortunately both groups are largely cowed by the cultural elites and have been bribed into complacency and passivity by our cool tech and endless entertainment. Who has time to worry about the direction of our country when there is a totally hilarious cat video on Facebook!

I think Derb's original idea still has merit but needs some tweaking. It seems clear that unless something really serious happens, Western Europe is hellbent on destroying itself in an orgy of guilt. So I see a natural alliance between some historically not so friendly states. From Poland to Bulgaria there is a line of former Warsaw Pact nations that are technically European but are definitely the red-headed stepchildren of the continent. While Germany, France, Scandinavia and the U.K. were able to recover from World War II and build strong economies and generous welfare states while being protected by the military might of the United States, the East languished under Communism. They still lag behind which explains why "refugees" and other migrants walk right on through these countries to get to the social welfare pot of gold in Sweden and Germany. The memory of being under the iron fist of the Soviets is still powerful as evidenced by little stuff like Poland and Russia squabbling over Soviet era monuments being taken down in Poland and in big stuff like the ongoing conflict between Russia and the Ukraine.

It is time for them to get past the past. Very soon the Eastern European nations will have borders lined with nations full of millions of Third World immigrants who have an insatiable appetite for gibs and virtually no useful skills. As they breed and continue to overrun the West via immigration, the social services system in the West will collapse. It cannot do anything else. When that happens, do you suppose that the hordes of immigrants will chip in to right the ship? Or do you think they will cast their eyes to the East as their next victims and unwilling benefactors like locust looking for the next field to devour to the ground? The E.U. West is already trying to extort Poland and others into taking more "refugees" by threatening to kick them out of their cuck club and thereby cut off the net payments they receive. Eastern Europe needs a new sponsor to give them some support and Russia seems completely disinterested in being bullied into absorbing millions of extra mouths to feed and future prisoners to house. I can see a new alliance if not friendship that stretches from Poland and Hungary (maybe Austria?) across Russia to China.

The old political and economic system driven alliances are outdated and obsolete. The new paradigm will be based on identity, on race and on religion. The world is going to be divided between nations that are black and brown, overwhelmingly Muslim (except Latin America which no one cares about) versus nations that are White and Asian and not Muslim. Canada is going to go the way of Western Europe, they are the most cucked people around and the only reason they have not been overrun already is the relative logistical difficulty of getting to Canada as opposed to taking a rickety ship across the Mediterranean. But it is coming. The question to be seen is whether the U.S. turns things around and reverses the trends or if we slip into the abyss right after Western Europe. Of course the big difference is that the U.S. is sitting on the most powerful military in the world, including the largest nuclear stockpile around. The Muslim world causes chaos already with suicide vests, "peace trucks" and guys in cast off Super Bowl t-shirts with AKs. What would happen if they get their hands on a half dozen aircraft carriers (assuming they could actually figure out how to sail them)?

The world is changing rapidly and most of our conversations and arguments are about ideas and concepts that are already obsolete. Conservatives want to lower the capital gains tax rate, progressives want to eradicate Whites. Whites and Asians should not be looking to start wars between the U.S., China and Russia, we should be forming closer bonds. Muslims are fighting a slow motion rematch of the battle of Tours but right now there is not a modern day Charles Martel to stop them.

I believe that increased contact and cooperation between U.S. and European nationalists is going to be critical and I see a lot of progress on that front. The tougher question is how to get past the historical animosity between Western Whites and the Russians and even more so how to overcome cultural barriers and mutual suspicion between Whites and East Asians. I don't have an answer to that one. I suspect that a lot of the conflict we see in places like the Ukraine and the bogus Russian interference in the 2016 election are being manipulated precisely to keep Western Whites and Russia suspicious of one another. We keep squabbling with one another and all the while our countries are slowly being invaded by Third World armies that are welcomed with open arms and welfare. That can only end badly for us. Better an uneasy alliance with Russia and China than a future of subjection and genocide under Islam.

We are already at war. The only question remaining will be if those under assault will recognize this and band together before it is too late.

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