Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Dear White Christian Women: Black Children Are Not Accessories

If you run around in moderately "conservative" evangelical circles for any length of time you are bound to run into the international adoptive family sooner or later. In the hierarchy of evangelical heroism, families that adopt a non-White kid (or better yet kids) inhabit a lofty position just below church planters, pastors and the grand-daddy of them all, foreign missionaries. In fact having non-White adoptive children is about the highest level of virtue that a lay family can have. I am not against adoption at all, in fact it is a wonderful practice and a needed one and it of course is deeply theological. As we have been adopted into His family by the Father, so we in turn can adopt those without families into our own. The problem is that the foreign adoption industry, and similarly the foreign orphanage-industrial complex, are a giant racket.

Enter fake news CNN with a special report that exposes what a lot of us have known for some time: very few "orphans" in third world nations are really orphans at all:  The 'orphan' I adopted from Uganda already had a family.

Orphanages are a big deal in evangelical circles. Combining a lifetime of being bludgeoned by White guilt and a modern form of the White man's burden, supporting orphanages in places like Ethiopia, Haiti and India are a way for White evangelicals to virtue signal their concern for non-White kids without actually doing much. It is even better if you can visit one of these orphanages as a vaca-ssionary and get some pictures of yourself with a brown or black kid in an orphanage that you can post to social media, a guaranteed way to get many breathless sighs of guilt-driven approval from friends/followers. But adopting an "orphan" is a whole other level of virtue signaling because they come home with you and have to be integrated into your White family, White church, White neighborhood and White schools. Adding to this the reality that a lot of these kids have serious mental/emotional/physical issues and many of them are abused, and you have the mother of all virtue signals living at home.

The problem as I mentioned is that many of these "orphans" have families and even parents already. A lot of "orphans" are sent to orphanages by their own family to get a better education and to let someone else feed and clothe them. The story from CNN, an important story unfortunately filled with nauseating counter-virtue signaling by the author Jessica Davis yammering about her privilege and how noble she is for sending the child they adopted back to Uganda, is of a mother that unknowingly gave up custody of her child but there are certainly plenty of families that sell their children to Americans for adoption to rid themselves of a mouth to feed and as a way to pocket some extra money.

The other problem is that it is hugely expensive and time-consuming. From the story....
I remember reading that there are almost 3 million orphans in Uganda, and with that statistic in mind (and a bit more research), in October of 2013 we began the journey to adopt from there. We did piles of paperwork, got countless sets of fingerprints and spent tens of thousands of dollars. It took a little over a year to get through all the formalities, but I was driven to get to the best part of this process, meeting the needs of a child.
I know of people who adopted from Guatemala, Korea and Russia and in every case it required a ton of money, usually cash. I am all in favor of helping the less fortunate, although I also think there are a lot of people right here in America that could use help, and I understand the impulse to help people in places like Uganda that are a train-wreck and don't have the same social safety net that we have in America. But if you really want to help people in Uganda, which is more cost effective: spending tens of thousands of dollars to adopt one kid, a kid which ended up back in Uganda anyway thus completely wasting all of that money, or finding a local ministry that helps Ugandans in Uganda to live a better life. Uganda is a very poor nation, with a third of families living on about $1.25/day. Just think what $30,000 could do to help an entire village! For less than $2000 you can provide a well for an entire village. Taking one kid out of Uganda helps that kid, and virtue signaling from Jessica Davis aside by almost any measure a kid in a middle-class family in America has it far better than in a Ugandan family, but it does nothing to change the issue in Uganda. It is similar to the refugee nonsense. For what it costs to house and provide for one "refugee" in Europe you could help dozens or even hundreds of actual refugees in their own region. When it comes to helping the less fortunate, you must keep in mind the idea of maximizing utility. Moderately helping 100 people is better than really, really helping one.

Too many White Christian women think that black children are a fashion accessory. Ugg boots, yoga pants, a knock-off Coach handbag and a couple of black kids to set off the whole ensemble. They are not. I don't want Africans coming to this country but I also am not blind to the plight of people in third world nations. If you want to adopt, do it in America and send your virtue coins to people on the ground in these nations. It might not make for appreciative murmurs from your social media circles but it will actually help the most people possible. If that is your concern rather than showing off your little black or brown adopted kids, the solution is pretty obvious.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Senile Warmonger Doesn't Understand America

Senator John McCain, a RINO and cuck if ever there was one, gave an "emotional" and "passionate" speech length virtue signal last night in which he decried "half-baked, spurious nationalism". He deserves a hearing, if anyone knows about being half-baked and spurious, it is McCain. Plus he is a war hero in case you didn't know (and if you criticize him in any way you will hear about why you can't criticize "war heroes").

The Warmonger And The Pervert
McCain still spouts the same nonsense we have been hearing from him for decades...
“To fear the world we have organized and led for three-quarters of a century, to abandon the ideals we have advanced around the globe, to refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain 'the last best hope of earth' for the sake of some half-baked, spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems is as unpatriotic as an attachment to any other tired dogma of the past that Americans consigned to the ash heap of history,” McCain said in the speech.
"Solve problems", huh? Which problems has McCain "solved"? He is the ultimate RINO insider, someone who would rather screw over the Right to score points against Trump because of a petty insult than to actually lead in this country. McCain was part of the "Gang of Eight" that pushed for more and more immigration and amnesty for those breaking our immigration laws along with fellow luminary Senators Chuck Schumer and Bob Menendez who is currently on trial for corruption. That probably doesn't bother McCain given his membership in another numerical group, the Keating Five, involved in corruption relating to the the savings and loan debacle. McCain distinguished himself during Vietnam by getting shot down and captured and he has been banking on that ever since as a terrible Senator and an even worse Presidential candidate. I am less concerned with his clumsy attacks on "nationalism", as it is clearly simply him being petty and taking shots at Steve Bannon as Bannon has targeted fellow RINO and Arizona Senator Jeff Flake in his re-election bid but I am concerned with him regurgitating this nonsensical notion that so many "conservatives" spew....
The Arizona senator said “we live in a land made of ideals, not blood and soil” and said Americans “are the custodians of those ideals at home, and their champion abroad.”
That is just so true John, that is why the preamble to the U.S. Constitution starts with "We the ideals of the United States of America...". Oh, it doesn't say that, it says "We the people of the United States of America...". The ideals of this country serve the people, not the other way around. The laws we have reflect the ideals of securing the blessings of liberty for the Founders and their White posterity. We are a specific people. We are not simply an umbrella of ideals where the people who live under those ideals are irrelevant. To people like Bill Kristol, Americans are just people who happen to live in America at any given time but to the Founders the American people were a specific people. It is beyond the limits of credulity to think that the Founder envisioned the Constitution being designed to secure the blessings of liberty for just anyone that happened to stumble into America. Replacing White Americans who have the best and only claim to being the posterity of the Founders with blacks or mestizos or Asians doesn't make those people American, it simply waters down the meaning of American and leads to people making claims like McCain that America is just an set of amorphous and malleable principles.

Would Americans still be Americans without the Constitution? Would Somalis becomes Americans if they adopted an identical Constitution? Of course not. Again, the "ideals" are a reflection of and are drawn out of the cultural history of the people, a people of a specific ethnic and cultural background. America makes no sense apart from our common racial and historic European heritage. But for McCain, Bill Kristol and others like them, the American people are just replaceable tax cattle to be snookered and exploited to enrich people like McCain and keep them powerful and wealthy. I don't think McCain gives a rat's patootie about the future of America, all he cares about is staying in office and using the power of his office to punish anyone he thinks has slighted him.

You can't replace the American people with another people and expect to have the same country. Mexico is the way Mexico is, the Sudan is the way the Sudan is and Indonesia is the way Indonesia is because of the people that live there, not the "ideals" that they hold to. A Bangladesh with an American Constitution is still going to be Bangladesh because it is full of Bangladeshi.

Here's hoping that Steve Bannon collects the scalp of McCain pal Jeff Flake and many others because a Senate full of faux-patriots like McCain has gotten us where we are. We need White nationalist leaders but for now I will just take regular old nationalists who don't think that my children and I can be replaced with Filipinos. John McCain is a senile, petty warmonger and while I don't wish ill health on him or anyone else, his last day in the United States Senate can't come too soon.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Austria Moves Right

A lot of people have chimed in on the election of fresh faced, 31 year old Sebastian Kurz as the new chancellor of Austria. While his "conservative" The People's Party (ÖVP) garnered 31.7% of the vote, the leftist Social Democrats managed 26.9% and were trailed closely by likely (ÖVP) coalition partner and the apparently much further Right Freedom Party (FPÖ), headed by 48 year old Heinz-Christian Strache, with 26%.

While much of the chatter has been about the rise of the Right in Austria and the solid showing for nationalism, I was mostly interested in the impact on the EU. With this election Austria seems to be solidly rejecting the EU government's suicide pact and more closely aligning themselves with their Eastern European neighbors. From the story.....
Kurz has openly praised Hungary's populist premier Viktor Orban, while the FPÖ is ambivalent at best about the EU.
Strache wants EU sanctions on Moscow lifted and pushed for closer ties with the Visegrad Four countries -- Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
A right-wing coalition "is likely to lead to more tensions with other EU members and Austria is likely to move closer to the Visegrad 4 states", said expert Pepijn Bergsen at the Economist Intelligence Unit.
A move in that direction is something I was pondering back in August with my post Revising The Arctic Alliance. I see the potential for Poland and the rest of the Visegrad to overcome historic distrust of Russia and move Eastward rather than Westward and thought perhaps Austria might tag along:
I can see a new alliance if not friendship that stretches from Poland and Hungary (maybe Austria?) across Russia to China.
Wishful thinking perhaps but I do believe that the EU stranglehold is starting to slip. As I wrote earlier about Poland, the East of Europe including Austria has a lot of land and not as many people. Austria has a population of around 8.7 million people in a country of some 32,385 square miles which is a density of around 268 people per square mile, which is less than half that of Germany and lower than even Poland.

Austria has a bright future if it continues down this path and especially if it begins to unshackle itself from the European Union. I would like to see American nationalists supporting Austrian independence from the EU, it is a far from perfect nation but it appears to be on the right path. One day soon we might see a new barrier separating the West and East in Europe but this time it will be to keep the people in the West out instead of keeping the people of the East in. I wonder which side of the barrier nations like Austria will find themselves on? Here's hoping they end up allied with Poland and Hungary instead of being a vassal state of Germany and France.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Minister Farrakhan Agrees!

Just as I published my prior post on black crime and the need for racial separation I saw that Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam was also calling today on Twitter once again for the races to separate. Go Louis, we are with you!

Black Crimes Matter

I like statistics although I have never been much of a mathematician. I am also aware of the potential for statistics to be misused, or as a guy I used to work with liked to say "Statistics never lie but liars use statistics". So statistics can mean a lot of different things but they also can provide concrete data to base opinions and policies upon. Two people can look at the same set of data and come to different conclusions, if not about what the statistics mean then at least about what our response to them should be. That is the case with crime statistics. When a murder is committed the response is pretty easy to figure out, law enforcement gets involved and then hopefully the criminal justice system. When a pattern of murders and other violent crimes starts to show a troubling trend the question then quickly becomes what to do in response. Nowhere is this more true than in race based criminal statistics, numbers that are increasingly hard to come by because of what they show and which are manipulated (lumping Hispanics in with Whites to skew White crime numbers). The rare reliable source for race based crime stats is the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting system. The latest report came out recently for 2016 and Mr. Frexit on Twitter took the time to put together some troubling charts for us. Here are a few....

There are quite a few additional charts covering other crimes that you can find by reading Mr. Frexit's Twitter feed.

What makes these numbers so troubling is that they move beyond raw numbers and look at rates of violent crime. Blacks are something like 13% of the population and yet when you look at raw numbers and especially rates of crime they are vastly overrepresented in criminal behavior in America, especially violent criminal behavior. As a race, blacks have 8 times the rate of murder compared to Whites and triple the rate of rape. In essentially every category of crime blacks, and to a lesser extent Hispanics/mestizos, are wildly overrepresented as compared to Whites. This is the elephant in the room when it comes to crime and race in America and racial relations in general and that elephant exposes the stark racial divide in America. To blacks, America is a land of no opportunity for them which leads to poverty and then poverty leads to crime. To compound the problem, the cops are out to get them and then the judicial system is out to get them once they get arrested. Many blacks are under the false and rather fantastical notion that many cops are spending their entire shift driving around looking for black men to arbitrarily gun down. I think instead that most cops would rather spend their shift driving around in their cars getting no calls and only getting out to get another donut and refill their coffee thermos. The last thing cops want to do is get into a situation where they have to pull their gun. In addition, the most common victim of the criminal behavior of blacks is...another black.

The incredible rate of black crime commission is a huge problem in this country, filling our jails and morgues, requiring enormous law enforcement and correctional resources, leaving behind shattered families. While blacks see the racial divide in this country as one of recurring, "systemic racism", Whites in this country in large measure, whether they admit it on social media or not, see the racial divide in terms of criminality, sloth, covetousness and a generally alien culture. There simply is no way to bridge this chasm between our perceptions and the path we are on is one that leads to increased racial animus and eventually increased racial strife and violence. The only way to avoid this is to as amicably as possible have the races go their own ways.

There are nearly 40 million blacks in this country plus at least 2.5 million more mulatto people of mixed ancestry that I presume would prefer to associate with their black half, many of whom have been in this country for many generations, perhaps even more so than my family, although as a White family we have the better claim regardless of length of time as citizens. Some advocates of black separatism like the Nation of Islam openly call for racial separation on their official webpage:
4. We want our people in America whose parents or grandparents were descendants from slaves, to be allowed to establish a separate state or territory of their own–either on this continent or elsewhere. We believe that our former slave masters are obligated to provide such land and that the area must be fertile and minerally rich. We believe that our former slave masters are obligated to maintain and supply our needs in this separate territory for the next 20 to 25 years–until we are able to produce and supply our own needs.
Since we cannot get along with them in peace and equality, after giving them 400 years of our sweat and blood and receiving in return some of the worst treatment human beings have ever experienced, we believe our contributions to this land and the suffering forced upon us by white America, justifies our demand for complete separation in a state or territory of our own.
I agree with most of that. I might even be persuaded to permit substantial economic aid for the new black nation until it gets up and running. Removing the source of racial animus in this country is a cause I would open to subsidizing, we could use the foreign "aid" money we give Israel, for which we get nothing in return but wars and dead White kids, to fund this program.

Black crimes matter because it is White America that ends up paying for it in corrections, law enforcement, the economic drain blacks cause and the ruin of our once majestic cities. Blacks insist that were it not for Whites, they would once again be kangz and only White racism is holding them back. I say let's permit them to prove their theory. If they are right, then good for them! If they are not, as I am 100% sure they are not, then their ruin can only be blamed on themselves or at least it will happen apart from White America. It is time for a political reality that matches the practical reality in America, that the races already inhabit functionally different nations. It is high time we simply make it official.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Recent Invention Of The Notion Of Racial Equality

In keeping with one of the themes of this blog, that is to say that America was founded as and intended to be a nation for the benefit of White citizens, check out this video from Jared Taylor on the "racist" origins of America:

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Racists Give Ethnonationalist Salutes During NFL Games

Look at this disgusting neo-Nazi giving an race-based salute after singing the national anthem at the beginning of the Atlanta Falcons - Detroit Lions game. And in front of kids no less!

Oh wait, that wasn't a neo-Nazi, it was just some singer named Rico Lavelle but what he was doing was basically the same as White nationalists tossing up the Nazi salute: he was making a gesture of racial solidarity associated with an often violent historical movement.

Look at the picture. You have some guy chosen by the Detroit Lions to sing the national anthem before the start of a football game where two teams that are probably made up overwhelmingly of a  majority of black men making millions of dollars a year and he decides to seize the opportunity to make a name for himself by kneeling and throwing up a black power salute. I am sure that meaningless gesture just made Rico a rich man, although he will likely blow through all of the money in no time. You can bet his agent is fielding a flood of calls, texts and emails to get him on the air to yammer about his grievances.

You have scantily clad White women flaunting around for the ogling pleasure of fans and players alike.

Worst of all you have a four young black boys looking at this man, probably too young to know what is going on but you can be sure they will be told how powerful that salute is supposed to be. These young boys will probably grow up in neighborhoods where each boy is in far more danger from the other three boys in the photo than he ever will be from cops but what they will take away from this is that the cops are out to get them and the President of the United States is to blame.

I actually agree with the premise behind the salute. Let the blacks have their own ethnostate, let them run their own lives free of the pernicious influence of White people and see how that works out for them. I just ask the same for Whites. I am confident that a White ethnostate would be a far more prosperous and peaceful nation than contemporary America. What about a black ethnostate? Well let's just say that history doesn't favor that model.

Like the entertainment world, the professional sports cabal has become a mainly anti-American, anti-Christian and anti-White institution. It is past time for White people to express our disapproval by withdrawing our attendance, our support and most of all our money from these leagues. If you want to watch sports, watch hockey or better yet find something more useful to do with your lives.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A Powerful Video: Bread And Circuses

I don't go for click-bait statements like "this is a MUST WATCH video" but this is pretty much a must watch video from Way of the World.

White men are endlessly amusing themselves while their race is destroyed right under our collective noses and sports is one of the most effective ways this is done. Watch men play a kids game for millions of dollars and pay no attention to the real world. Find your most powerful identity in a sports team full of prima donnas who you will never know instead of finding your identity in your faith, your race and your nation.

Here is a thought. Quit playing games and watching other men playing games, get a wife, raise a family, be fruitful and multiply and perpetuate our people and teach your kids to never let anyone denigrate who they are.

Watch this video. Then watch it again. Then share it.