Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Trump Does The Bidding Of The (((Neocons))) and Goofy Dispensationalist Teachers

Today the long expected announcement came out that President Trump is moving forward with recognizing the city of Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel and announcing a move of our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. As expected this has caused a great deal of anger among the already angry and easy to trigger Muslim world. I expect some fairly serious violence to erupt as a result. The Muslims are usually up for a good intifada and it has been awfully quiet for a while. Just as predictably, the leader of our "great ally" Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has been gushing all over social media, crowing about this decision and calling on other nations to follow suit and move their own embassies. That isn't really likely to happen and even the move by the U.S. embassy will be years down the road. You can also expect a lot of vandalism, terror attacks and low level violence to accompany every step of the building process of the new embassy. I am sure our great friends the Israelis will let the U.S. pay for the whole thing.

So with the wall unbuilt, Obamacare still sort of in place, immigration reform going nowhere even after the travesty in San Francisco, the tax bill still needing leadership to ensure it makes it to Trump's desk, a $20 trillion national debt and so many other issues that need Trump's attention and political capital, you might wonder why he would decide to take this step. On the surface the reason is that he promised to do so and unlike other candidates Trump seems to take his promises seriously. But the real reason boils down to two words.

Neocons and Dispensationalism

The neocons thing is easy to understand. Neoconservatism is a subset of American conservatism that has an outsized influence on the Republican party. It was perhaps at the apex when George W. Bush was President and neocons were the driving force behind the ill-fated Iraq invasion. It is a movement that is heavily slanted toward Israel thanks to having so many Jews as leading voices. Neocons are mostly influential in foreign policy and they favor a highly interventionist stance, especially when we are asked to go to war to "protect" our "allies" in Israel. Since they are led by the most militant of American Jews, it is natural that neocons would be pushing for this gesture to show for the millionth time that "We stand with Israel", although Israel never seems to stand with us in any meaningful sense. Our relationship seems to be America giving money and anything else Israel wants to the Jews and Israel in turn agrees to accept what we give them.

The other side of the coin is the relatively recent theological invention known as "dispensationalism". The teachings of dispensationalism are a little complex but this is a nice summary, note my emphasis underlined:
Dispensationalism is a theological system that teaches biblical history is best understood in light of a number of successive administrations of God's dealings with mankind, which it calls "dispensations." It maintains fundamental distinctions between God's plans for national Israel and for the New Testament Church, and emphasizes prophecy of the end-times and a pre-tribulation rapture of the church prior to Christ's Second Coming. Its beginnings are usually associated with the Plymouth Brethren movement in the UK and the teachings of John Nelson Darby.
The critical component for my purposes here is the idea that there is a distinct and separate plan for Israel and the church. While most Christian theology sees a shift with the advent of the New Testament where the nation of Israel under the Old Covenant fades into the background and the church is ascendant as God's final vehicle for His covenant people, dispensationalism sees the church as a "parenthetical" interruption to God's original and continual plan to work through the ethnic Jewish people. It can be said that dispensationalism gives preference to the Old Testament over the New Testament. This school of theology was popularized by the simply awful Left Behind book series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, some of the worst literature to ever hit a printing press.

So what? Why does some esoteric discussion of Christian eschatology have anything to do with U.S. foreign policy?

If there is a theological system that dominates the Christian church in America, it is without a doubt various models of dispensationalism. It infects most areas of evangelicalism and even some parts of the Reformed church, although most of the Reformed still hold to Covenant Theology or in much smaller numbers New Covenant Theology. The same people that are most influenced by dispensationalism are also some of the most political active in the Republican party, meaning that a lot of Christians who faithfully vote Republican also think that they have a solemn, religious obligation to support Israel no matter what and in whatever way the Jews say they should. Conservative politicians understand this and suck up to the Jewish Israeli lobby at every opportunity and woe to the Republican that is insufficiently obsequious toward Israel.

For a lot of evangelicals, supporting the unbelieving state of Israel is a high holy obligation on par with their own national allegiance and almost higher than their identification with the church. On days like today or anytime that Israel is in the news, you can be sure people will be (mis)quoting Genesis 12:3 and other Old Covenant passages that refer to Israel as a nation, passages that are obsolete just as the Old Covenant is obsolete and replaced by the New Covenant (Hebrews 8:13).

While it is my understanding that Christians are very limited in how they can operate in Israel (i.e. proselytizing Jews), there is apparently no limit to how much money Jews will take from gullible Christians. I know of many Christians that visit the "Holy Land" as if that is a significant pilgrimage or Christians that donate money to Jewish causes like financially supporting Jews moving to Israel. Why a Christian would financially support moving a lost Jewish person from a country where they can be proselytized to a country where it is next to impossible for them to be evangelized is mind boggling. Why would a Christian supposedly devoted to the spreading of the Gospel willfully make it harder for lost people to hear the Gospel? The only reason is that they have bought into dispensationalism and think that there is another path for Jews. This belief is false.

The Bible is quite clear. There are not two paths to justification, one for gentiles and one for Jews. There is one path, faith in Christ. To teach otherwise is to make yourself a false teacher and to preach "another Gospel", something that Paul condemns in the strongest language possible in the opening to his letter to the Galatians where he was ironically calling out people trying to infuse Judaism back into Christianity via the practice of circumcision.

Dispensationalism is a deception that is used to leech money from Christians that should be used for spreading the Gospel and supporting the needs of Christians, it is a false teaching that preaches a false Gospel to the Jews and it is used by the Jews to manipulate American foreign policy in ways that cost hundreds of billions of U.S. dollars, weakens our position in the world and has led to the death of thousands of American men and women.

Unfortunately as today shows, in spite of President Trump claiming to be all about "America First", the hold of the neocons and the Israel lobby on America is as strong as ever. People who understand the manipulative tactics of the Israel lobby, the deception of the neocons and the confusion of dispensational teachers have a duty to expose the lies of both Israel as an "ally" of America and of Israel as a covenant people on par with the church. These lies cause instability in an already unstable region, cost American money and lives and lead many people to hell that think they get a pass because of their parentage.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The South Africazation Of The United States

Alphonse de Neuville - The defence of Rorke's Drift 1879

South Africa and more specifically the plight on White farmers and other Whites in S.A. has been getting a great deal of attention in our circles of late. Rightly so. While many people are stuck in the "Lethal Weapon 2 / Nelson Mandela media creation" mindset toward White South Africans where all Whites are cartoonish villains with funny accents keeping the peaceful black South Africans in bondage, we have viewed the state sanctioned, or at least ignored, violence of the black majority toward the White minority with a great deal of alarm. The situation in South Africa and Rhodesia (aka Zimbabwe) is an example of what happens to Whites when blacks are in control (spoiler alert it is not good for the Whites) and serves as a sneak preview of what life might be like in the not-too-distant future in places like Europe and North America as plummeting White birth rates and mass immigration of blacks and browns from Africa, Asia and the Middle East in response to their explosive birthrates subsidized by well-meaning but unintentionally suicidal Whites in the West, leads to Whites becoming a minority in their own nations before the end of the century, if not much sooner. For more, check out this video from VertigoPolitix.

One aspect of this transformation of America and Europe from White ethnostates to multicultural utopias that is given less attention is the way in which the very people being replaced and undergoing self-genocide are also subsidizing their own destruction. It is a statistic that should come to mind easily for anyone who is not sold out on the politics of envy that a huge percentage of the income tax revenue in this country comes from a very small percentage of the people, i.e. those awful "1%'ers". In general the upper and upper-middle class subsidize the rest of the country, especially those who fall into the approximately 50% of tax-payers that pay no income tax, many of whom still get a "refund".

This is true in South Africa as well. Of special interest to me was this quote from Taki Magazine, The “Coffin Case” and the Joys of Hating White Afrikaners, and the statistic it contained:
All this in the context of some startling statistics. In a country of roughly 60 million people, less than 4 million pay tax, and almost 90 percent of them are white. The tax base is shrinking as whites take fright and leave and their children in large numbers follow because they are racially discriminated against in the job market.
That is really the more pressing issue. For now the wide scale violence among blacks takes places almost exclusively among blacks, blacks killing blacks, although the incidence of domestic violence and rape on the part of black men inflicted on White women is deeply troubling. Where we are headed as a nation is a situation like this, with an ever increasing minority base of net takers of social services (blacks and mestizos) and the opposing trend of an ever decreasing White tax based to pay for them as the numbers of productive White tax payers shrinks and more and more young Whites join minorities in the category of net takers from social services. Like South African Whites, we don't really have anywhere to go.

Of course one could also suggest that America in 2017 also strongly resembles ancient Rome before she fell or a more contemporary analogy could be drawn to Weimar Germany. Check out this quote from Identity Dixie's article The Sexual Decadence of Weimar Germany:
The Jews had managed, in the space of a mere fourteen years, to bring about a major “transvaluation of values” in Weimar Germany. The vices of the past were now its virtues. The only vice that remained was chastity.
It is hard to imagine anything more reviled in our contemporary American "culture" than chastity, self-control, moderation and modesty. Another important quote from this essay:
It is self-evident that there is no other way to get control of a society with strong moral values than to weaken those values. The formula is simple: destroy the belief system on which that society is founded, especially its religion and its traditional codes of honor and decency. Promote godlessness and a philosophy of despair. To put it in even plainer language: reduce men to beasts if you wish to control them.
Does that not almost perfectly describe America in 2017? Young men in despair turning inwardly and avoiding both work and normal relationships on the one hand or engaging in pure brutishness on the other. Endless deconstruction of the American creed and the rewriting of American history to inflate the roll of non-Whites (i.e. portraying Alexander Hamilton as a non-White in the play Hamilton, inflating the role of black women in the space program in Hidden Figures, etc.)

Any way you slice it, America is heading over a cliff. Over 20 trillion dollars in debt, another 1.5 trillion in student loan debt, credit card debt, not to mention unfunded liabilities from here to Timbuktu. Compound that with a rapidly shrinking productive tax-paying population (most Whites, virtually all Asians) and an increasing net negative tax and benefit liability class (most blacks and mestizos) and a nightmare scenario where America looks a lot like South Africa is in our future. The big difference is that America is much larger, already has hundreds of millions of guns and just happens to have a huge nuclear arsenal. The political cowardice of our least moral and productive citizens in the government makes a South African future look increasingly likely for the U.S.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Shocking News From Eastern Europe!

The Wall Street Journal reports that Central and Eastern European economic growth is exploding, which of course frightens the WSJ because of possible "overheating": Buoyant Central and Eastern Europe Revives Overheating Fears. While European growth overall is decent, around 2.3% to 2.5%, it is in the East and Center of Europe that things are really popping.
Nowhere has the turnaround been more impressive than in central and Eastern Europe, where third-quarter growth across the region was well ahead of the EU average and market expectations: the Polish and Czech economies grew by 5%, Latvia’s by 6.2%, Slovakia’s and Lithuania’s by 3.4%, Romania’s by a remarkable 8.6%.
Wow, I wonder what could be the difference? I am sure it has nothing to do with the lack of a combination of a lavish welfare state and mass absorption of untold hordes of migrants who are not employed, not assimilated in any meaningful sense and that have no interest in changing either. If Eastern Europe can start to reproduce actual Europeans via child birth, there is little to stop them from becoming independent economic powers in their own right and no longer dependent on hand-outs from the "enlightened" West. Of course this is the globalist Wall Street Journal so no good news would be complete without ominous warnings about the need for "new Europeans", note the portions in red.
The best response to skills shortages is active labor market policies that encourage more women and older people into the workforce, facilitate immigration, raise educational standards and improve health systems.
The old globalist stand-by, mass immigration even though current immigrants from Third World nations into Europe are barely employed (or employable) and more women in the work force. Perhaps I can offer an alternate suggestion. Instead of one more woman entering the workforce, what if that one woman got married, stayed home and had four children? Statistically that would be two more males who could then enter the workforce in 18 years. Do that for a couple of generations and the labor "shortage" solves itself. Not to mention that as the economy grows more strongly, labor remains tight and wages go up the 20 million people that have left the region over the last 25 years will come home. Again, why bring in unemployable and often lazy and violent immigrants when you can bring Poles that already speak Polish back to Poland?

The globalists will not be satisfied until they can replace the independent people of Europe with more easily manipulated and controlled migrants but the solution is already there. Have children and create the conditions to encourage expatriate Eastern Europeans to come home. Eastern Europe must avoid the trap of native population eradication via low child birth and mass immigration if it is to survive this century.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

I've Never Met A White Supremacist And You Probably Haven't Either

There is probably no term more misused and wildly misapplied in our national discourse than "White supremacist". To hear it told, there are White supremacists (hereafter just WS) around every corner, under every bed and skulking around looking for a chance to lynch some black guy for no reason whatsoever. Really anything short of openly calling for the extermination of the White race and the utter cleansing of any trace of White civilization (except for the internet and everything else White people invented) is considered WS. Anyone and everyone is part of WS  from Richard Spencer and Ramzpaul to Black Pigeon Speaks and Stephen Bannon. It is a term so overused that it has become meaningless.

This video from Lana Lokteff does a good job deconstructing the WS myth.

The more accurate way of describing people like Spencer and most of the Alt-Right is some variation on White Nationalism. No one I know of wants to rule over blacks and mestizos. That is 18th and 19th century thinking. The White man's burden is a thing of the past. Mostly now we just want them to go somewhere else and leave us alone.

On the bright side WS is a term that is so overused that it has become meaningless and therefore loses it's sting entirely. If everyone is a WS then no one cares if you call them that and that actually opens a lot of doors. I think a lot of garden variety normie conservatives are looking more seriously into the alt-right, race realism, White nationalism, etc. because the danger of being called a WS has pretty much become a non-issue. Again, if you are going to be accused of WS anyway, you might as well give race realism an honest examination. Often the best recruitment tools we have are the overuse of name-calling by leftists/SJWs/globalists/race-baiters because sooner or later the name-calling hits a tipping point and stops being effective as a means of silencing us.

So if you think that White culture and White people have a worthwhile history and are deserving of perpetuation in any form, you are a White supremacist. Since you are going to get called that anyway, you might as well embrace it!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

The People In Poland Get It

In celebration of the anniversary of Polish independence in 1918, some 60,000 Poles took to the streets to celebrate their national pride. They also seemed pretty Right wing, much to the horror of many self-loathing Whites in the West. 
The largely young crowd shot off roman candles and chanted “fatherland,” carrying banners that read “White Europe,” “Europe Will Be White,” and “Clean Blood.” Some of the marchers flew in from neighboring countries—Slovakia, Spain and Hungary—waving flags and symbols those countries used during their wartime collaboration with Nazi Germany.
“There are of course nationalists and fascists at this march,” said Mateusz, a 27-year-old wrapped in a Polish flag, “I’m fine with it. I’m just happy to be here.”
As I have said before, Poland largely seems to understand what the West does not, that Western culture is under assault and in danger of being eradicated. You cannot simply replace White European with blacks and browns from the Third World and still have Europe and losing Europe makes the entire world a worse place. This quote is gold:
The Radical Camp’s followers argue, on their social-media accounts and in their literature, that the influx of Syrian refugees into Europe is part of a conspiracy driven by Jewish financiers, who are working with Communists in the European Union to bring Muslims into Europe, and with them, Shariah law and homosexuality.
Well that pretty much sums it up. As this is from the globalist HQ of the Wall Street Journal that only sees people as interchangeable economic units and doesn't care who buys their stuff as long as someone is buying, the tone is of course borderline hysterical but other quotes make what should be common sense assertions:
“It’s like this inner need we have,” said Lukasz, a 24-year-old protester. “We want a Poland that will be for Polish people.”
Poland for Polish people is of course racist in a way that Israel for Jewish people or Kenya for Kenyans or India for Indians is not. 

Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and the other nations of the East give me hope for the White race and European culture. By rejecting mass immigration and by openly choosing their native faith of Catholicism over Islam, Poland is one of the leaders striking out a new path that rejects the multicultural future demanded by the E.U.. If they can just remember how to have babies again, Poland can become a powerhouse of Europe. A nation 25 years from now that replenished their population with White Poles is going to be in a much better place than a Germany or France that tries to replace White natives with sub-Saharan Africans and violent Muslims.

I hope it never comes but there may come a day when racially aware Whites in America, Canada and Western Europe will need to look to Eastern Europe and Russia for sanctuary.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

RAMZPAUL eviscerates PragerU

Someone on my normie Facebook page linked a video from PragerU that purported to "explain" the alt-right. I haven't watched it because I have little interest in Prager stuff, although they do some decent entry level videos on some topics, and since Dennis Prager is a Jew, also I am sure that a Jew doing a video about the alt-right is going to be dishonest at best. Sounds like I was right to skip it. Ramzpaul did an outstanding video, one of his best, on why the PragerU video was false and poorly researched.

I especially liked his comparison between the alt-right as an influential ideology versus a physical get-together and the Libertarian Party. I know lots of Libertarians and I used to consider myself one but I don't know anyone that has been to a formal Libertarian Party event. Add in the threats of violence and doxxing and you can understand why you only get 400-600 people at Charlottesville but websites like, Faith & Heritage and Stormfront gets tens of thousands of unique visitors. Even this video from ramzpaul has almost 6,000 views right now and it was just published yesterday. Looking at the American Renaissance Youtube page, you find that their top ten most popular videos all have over 100,000 views each, a couple with more than 300,000. Black Pigeon Speaks, who is not alt-right but still engages in thoughtcrimes has a video with over 1.4 million views and regularly breaks 100,000 views. The amount of content out there and the reach it has is incredible. You know something is up when a Jewish content creater like Dennis Prager with over a million subscribers is taking the time to address the alt-right. If the reach of the alt-right was only a couple hundred people at a rally, no one would care. The reality is that the reach of the alt-right and other forms of dissident far-right sources is enormous and growing. The establishment, globalist "conservatives" know it and they rightly see it as a threat. People are sick to death of the globalist, neo-con, "Israel über alles", tax-cuts for the rich and "free trade" to enrich the wealthy model of "conservatism" and the alternate right is providing a real alternative. Trump, Roy Moore in Alabama, the dropping out of cuckservatives Jeff Flake in Arizona, the election results in Europe, all show that nationalism is rising and it is a short walk from nationalism to ethnonationalism. The terror of the alt-right as a serious threat to their "conservative" hegemony from Republicans in some ways dwarfs even that of the left.

Watch ramzpaul's video below and let me know what you think.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Spoiler Alert: It Isn't The Guns

Yesterday brought a fairly unremarkable news story. It involved a shooting on a college campus where two young men, one a student, were killed. Why didn't it get much attention when campus shootings or even the hint of a gun normally cause panic and news coverage? To be completely honest, it didn't get the normal over the top attention for two reasons.

First the police apparently knew right away that this was not terrorism or some mass shooting. Immediately we were told that the shooter knew the two men that were shot, Earl Andrews and Monquiarious Caldwell.

Second the shooting happened at Grambling State, one of the "historically black colleges and univerisities" (HBCUs). With a student body that is over 90% black, it was pretty certain that Earl Andrews, the Grambling junior that was murdered, was a black man (since confirmed by a photo of Earl). It is a fair guess that the second man shot, not a Grambling student, is also black based on his name (how many White or Asian people named Monquiarious Caldwell do you know?).

Of course immediately people cried foul that there was not enough attention being paid because they were black. This seemed odd since it was all over the news and in the trending column of my Facebook news feed. Then there were the obvious cries about racism. I pulled this screenshot from the public posts on the trending news....

"GeColby" seems to think that changing gun policies is the answer. Ironically it appears he had been deleting comments, his post showed up in the top of the public feeds on the news story and that means anyone can comment on them. Notice his angry statement at the bottom of the picture. So we need to change our gun policies he cries but then says he won't allow any debate on the issue. How then do we change our policies? Perhaps let GeColby Youngblood decide them on behalf of everyone else since he seems to think that two men are dead "for no reason", as if the gun just knocked on the dorm room door and started blazing away on it's own when the door opened.

At the time I took the screenshot there hadn't been a suspect named or a description, and if you follow the news at all you know that if blacks are shot and the suspect isn't White, or really any time the suspect is black, you can be sure that no description of the suspect is given. In other words, no description of a suspect equals "young black male" 95% of the time. Sure enough, the suspect is now in custody and named (Jaylin Wayne) and you will be as stunned as I am by the photo.

Shocking I know. Totally destroys the narrative.

What GeColby and others don't want to admit is that as soon as we heard it was a shooting on an HBCU campus and one of the dead was named Monquiarious, we knew it was an argument between a couple of black guys that ended up in gunfire. It is common knowledge that black men, around 7% of the population, commit around half of all murders and the murder rate per capita among blacks dwarfs that of White and Latinos.

America doesn't have a gun culture problem or a gun ownership problem. The problem is not our "gun policies". The problem America has is a relatively small percentage of the population committing half of  the murders in this country and another minority, Hispanics, committing murder at almost twice the rate of Whites. If we didn't have blacks and Hispanics in this country, we wouldn't really have much to talk about when it comes to gun violence except the seemingly random events like Las Vegas, and that event stinks of a cover-up more than any other mass casualty event since 9/11.

If the black community wants to stop waking up to news stories of guys named Jaylin murdering guys named Monquiarious, they need to stop worrying about gun control and start worrying about minority control. Until blacks and Hispanics get themselves under control, the murder problem will continue unabated no matter how many angry tweets go out or new laws get passed. The blame for the deaths of Monquiarious and Earl fall squarely on their own community that seems incapable of reacting to any altercation with anything other than lethal violence. Whites get into disputes and even violent disputes but unlike blacks we don't immediately turn to guns to "solve" the problem.

Black lives matter? No, first let's establish that black crimes matter.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

On The Reformation from Faith and Heritage

Ehud Would, a writer at one of my very favorite sites, Faith and Heritage, has posted an outstanding overview of the Reformation, the issues that led up to it and the way the Reformation impacts our struggle now for self-determination. The post, Post Tenebras Lux: The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, brings a ton of information to the table, much I am already familiar with but a lot that was new to me, especially on the Reformation in England. If you are a Christian interested in theology, history and the way they interact with contemporary issues from a kinist perspective, you owe it to yourself to read his post. It is lengthy and deep but well worth the time and effort.